Earning About $1 Per Day W/ Wrapped LEO

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Earning $1 per day may not sound like much, but like I always say, get 1000 ways to earn $1 per day and you're making $365,000 for the year. Even if you were to setup a measly 100 ways of making $1 per day, that is $36,500!

If I had to count, I would say I have between 10 and 20 investments that make $1 per day. I absolutely love this investment strategy because of its simplicity. Investments that generate $1 per day are usually passive and work on their own.

I've recently just setup another investment which makes almost $1 per day, I may need to add a little more capital. The investment is within the new Wrapped LEO Pool and is accomplished by providing both LEO and Ethereum. It's a process that is very similar to staking so as you may know, not only do I make money from the liquidity I have provided, I make money off the valuation of the assets themselves.

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Do you only earn money for having leo on uniswap or do you need to change it? how much do you need to have $ 1 a day?

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On a $1000 investment you need to earn 36.5% annual return to earn $1 per day.

You can easily do this renting splinterland cards on Peak monsters. Just start buying cards that can rent for at least 3.04% (peak monsters shows the yield on a monthly basis).

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Thanks for explaining @oakshieldholding

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