Off The Books Cash Stash

in LeoFinancelast month

Some of the smartest people I know always say, "just carry some cash around", and they say it for good reason. It is unbelievable the amount of times I have needed cash in a pinch and have never had it. Most of the time, I deposit all the cash I get and use it electronically, which seems to always run out very fast... lol

Today I had the idea to start accumulating a stash of cash by selling small amounts of profit on high yielding investments, this fund would strictly be used for short term cash investments and gambling (smartly of course). I was thinking that I'd start by selling $50-$100 worth of bitcoin whenever the price is favorable. However, this got me thinking that I'd eventually chip away at all of the bitcoin I have saved. In order to accrue any sort of cash, without hurting my investments, I need to make extremely smart sells.

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