Re-Hatch Of The Chicken Farm

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A couple of days ago, my mother gave me some farm fresh eggs and the difference between store bought eggs and these fresh eggs was astonishing. Not only is the taste very different, I have a much better feeling in my head and stomach after eating them. In my opinion, using fresh ingredients is a very underrated and can turn a simple dish into the most exquisite tasting meal.

After making my new roommates some eggs, they were blown away by the great taste and were asking where I had bought the eggs. This got me thinking that my idea of starting a small scale chicken farm could be a gold mine, and at the same time, you get fresh eggs for yourself.

For example, if I started a coop with 6 chicken, that would produce 42 eggs per week (6 chickens x 7 days). On average, a person will buy 12 eggs for the week and will pay about $3. In this case, 6 chickens would allow you to maintain 3 customers selling them 12 eggs per week and have some left over for yourself. Including delivery, I would charge these customers $5 to have 12 farm fresh eggs delivered per week, which would generate $15 per week or $2.14 per day. Just in case you've missed my previous posts, this business/investment would fit within my $1 per day criteria. (:

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