Still Bullish On LEO Despite Pool Hack

in LeoFinancelast month

Today I just found out about the LEO Pool hack that occurred yesterday, unfortunately the ethereum and LEO I staked in the pool has been lost. It is absolutely horrible that one person can destroy so much, so easily. However, I am not looking at this hack negatively anymore, a good way to see this is that LEO has grown so much that its value is worth hacking.

Take a look at the price of LEO, it is still at $0.20 despite the virtual attack. The LEO Team did an excellent job of catching the hacker, before all of the money was lost. If it weren't for the fast acting founder of LEO, a truly damaging loss would have occurred.

All I can do is continue to post, make money, invest, and keep believing in cryptos.

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As of writing this comment, the price got back where it was before the hack... It looks the majority of the people have faith in the project and in the awesome team running it...