A new beginning,Leo Power up, profitable trade,staying safe in home . <A Happy Hiver>

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With recent pump in price of Hive 4040 satoshi vs steem 2548 satoshi , I think every hiver who have received the airdrop of Hive coin must be happy. In current scenario,Hive value is more than 1.5x of steem so it literally mean profit of 150% without doing anything.

On the other hand,steem is trading around 17 cents that is still a good price considering that steem had already seen the low of 10 cents.

In this period (hive blockchain forking from steem) we saw price pump for steem upto 40 cents before stabilizing around 30 cents, and dump of almost all tokens in steem-engine (maybe everyone wants more steem to claim hive) .



I also took this opportunity to buy some leo token very cheap and promptly staked them increasing my voting power.I see this community is fairly active and founder is putting efforts in promoting this community in other social media like twitter and facebook too.
Re branding it to Leo finance is good move and I believe community will see good growth in coming future.

After the fork of blockchain, I fear that steem will depreciate in value and I saw DEC started to pick momentum. I collected all my liquid steem approximately 95 in value to buy 34K of DEC. DEC price kept on increasing and I find a fellow steemian who want to sell hive for steem. I cashed out DEC for approximately 110 steem and traded it for hive for little extra. Today when I saw the hive market is pumped, I bought again 50K DEC for 80 hive. In short, after this trade cycle,I have more DEC than before and spare hive.

I utilized my time to adjust my splinterland deck too and all the extra rewards card are combined and put up in the rental market.Though I am not earning any rental income as such but it accumulated to more than 6 steem when I checked my peakcredit balance for hive airdrop.

While almost all country is battling with corona virus and most of population is out of work,egamers.io published their list of blockchain game for money making that includes our beloved game splinterlands too.

Hope you guys stay safe and make money online without risking your life.

In the end, If you guys still figuring out how to transfer hive ,then good news is that Hive Wallet is now operational (though you can use peakd too.) If you guys want to exchange your steem for hive or vice versa than you can use the beeswap tool created by @gerber

Note: Price feed of steem and hive is taken from @coingecko site around 18:39 GMT of 26th March 2020.

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