Are you ignoring the tribe curation?

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From the start we have the concept of "tag" in our post so that it can be categorized according to your topic but actually it is always confusing. For example when I have to write about a post related to a game I might be using "game","games","gaming" ,"sport" or "sports" and might be list of related tag can go on. With the introduction of tribe you know if you post in that tribe you have reached that community and it is really not mattering whether you used tag "game" or "games".


So community make it easier for us to group the blog of a particular genre and I guess when community has their own condenser site with it's token economy then it become tribe.

I saw many user have large number of liquid tokens lying with them or maybe they have staked them but they are rarely curating on those tribes.
I guess this is due to some of the reason below.

  1. Few tribe token rewards come in fully liquid form and user never thought of staking them.

  2. Even those who have token staked they do not have time to curate specifically for that tribe.

If you fall in case 1, that you have no idea that you are holding token then I suggest you to check your wallet for Hive-Engine tokens. May be you have stash of token lying unstaked.

If you fall in category 2 then you might take help of "tribe vote multipliers" that can help you to maintain the balance between the tribes. But if you do not have time to curate in specific tribe and you have option of delegating the tribe power then you can delegate your tribe power to someone who is willing or already curating for that tribe.

Why should not you ignore the tribe curation

  1. It is easily achievable : You need little money to get started for tribe curation.

  2. Tribe curation APR are really nice and beat Hive APR by many folds.

  3. You will get recognition, more interaction and obviously money(in form of curation rewards.)

PS: I am open for accepting LEO,PAL and NEOXAG delegation, you can find me in Discord of these tribes with same name "r1s2g3" .I do not guarantee any big return but will share back 90% curation rewards that will better than keeping these token idle.

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What a fantastic, educational post. This is why I need to be more active in reading and replying.

Thanks for your stopby and motivation.

Trying to do more of it.

Through curation we have the chance to obtain many rewards and without forgetting that you end up helping others to also grow. Unfortunately, I also see many accounts with liquid tokens, but we know that regardless of the situation, each one has a different way of thinking for what they want with their tokens.

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Sure. Factor of compounding will really play it's part in curation after long term.

This, in the long run, has many advantages and compound interest works its magic.

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Tribe curation APR are really nice and beat Hive APR by many folds.

This is a big truth... I have created separated accounts for tribe curation and I have excellent results with them...

Also, I good idea is to follow some of the tribe-specific curation trails... I have created one especially for CTPTalk tribe (@ph1102.ctptrail), but there is a need for this in other tribes...

Nice. I read too much here that's why I do my all my upvotes manually (leaving 2-3 auto upvotes.)

There are some great posts popping up every day in CTPTalk, I'm working all day on my manual curation... :)
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this!

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Thanks Zoltan.

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