Bitcoin Pizza Day: Sharing the technology vs harnessing the greed.

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Bitcoin Pizza Day: Sharing the technology vs harnessing the greed.

Whenever Bitcoin make a surge people/media keep calculating the value of 10000 Bitcoins in USD and keep referring that how much Laszlo Hanyecz paid in USD for just 2 pizza.
It always look like that whole intent in this story to tell that how foolish is of him to spend that huge sum of BTC for 2 pizza instead of crediting him for his thought of doing first real world transaction using Bitcoin that proves that Bitcoin is the real money that can be used to buy the goods and services in the real world. In fact it is just the preparation to establish the Bitcoin as a currency/mode of payment.


Bitcoin Pizza day give us a great story and put emphasis on the intent of spreading the Bitcoin instead of keeping it stacked in view of it then someday it may increase in value. It is the selfless effort of many developers and many people who believed in technology and put their effort and money to popularize it.

Main idea was to make people realize that they can be "their own bank" and have full control of their money they own instead of relying on third party that dictate their TOS on you and only available on their fixed service time. All you need is a wallet , a precaution that you don't forget/leak your keys and you are all set. In reality , on a broader picture it is banking for unbanked.

What does it mean to us.

I am not going to say you to buy the pizza using the Bitcoin as I think it has now got fair share of publicity but intent is to share the knowledge/awareness about it if you find anyone lacking the information. More bigger the network we create ,more value it will going to contain.
Same is true for Hive/Leofinance and other tribes in Hive . More we help and focus in growing our network, more value we create for ourselves. Greed of keeping everything for ourselves will not help in long run nor it will help in increasing the network. I feel curators here are doing tremendous job in curating (I guess every whale curator is doing manual curation dedicating it's time and effort) and encouraging the newbie to learn and earn here.

So when next time you read that how much that Bitcoin Pizza cost, remember the publicity and coverage that the story got, way it is used in popularizing the Bitcoin is priceless as compared to USD value and I guess that was the main objective of Laszlo Hanyecz and he was able accomplish it with perfection.

Do you still think buying pizza using BTC was a mistake?

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