Congratulation to Leo Finance,My Offer and My shout out.

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Hi Lions ,let us congratulate ourselves as we have completed a year. I do not think ride was smooth as we have to witness the fork,movement to new chain and complete re branding but in this journey we expanded a lot as we added Leodex and powerful analytics tool Hivestats. Leopedia got enriched and Ad revenues of Leofinance increased.

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To celebrate the occasion LeoFinance is airdropping 1200 SPI token to LEO stakeholders according to below criteria.

Eligibility: must hold a minimum stake of 1,000 LEO POWER
Amount: the amount of SPI you receive will scale up with your stake. The more LEO POWER you have, the more SPI you will receive
Snapshot Date: July 12th
Distribution Date: July 13th

My Offer: Unfortunately I have some 800+ LEO staked when this snapshot will take place so I will be 200 LEO short. so anyone that will like to offer me 200 LEO before 7:00 pm Friday, 10 July 2020,Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), I will share the rewards on 50:50 basis.
Pros of offer: you will get hold of reward even with 200 LEO .
Cons of offer: You have to trust your 200 LEO with me.
: Unstaking cycle is 4 week so it will be maximum of 4 week for me to return your LEO, since I earn Leo so I might be able to return it earlier too.

My shout out : I checked the rich list , I found few user have total of more than 1000 LEO but it is not staked and some have 900+ LEO in total. I decided to give shout to these user so that they can decide if they want to take part in airdrop or not.


Users that have more than 1000 Leo token as unstaked.


News Source of Anniversary and airdrop

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I've just lent you the 214 LEO needed to get your account up to 1000.

Have a great day :)

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It is really nice of you. I confirm splitting my airdrop rewards with you.

I will fully pay this loan before 15 August 12 pm GMT.
I will be paying this loan in 4 equal installment of 53.5 LEO, and all 4 installment is supposed to be paid to before the time mentioned.

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This is a great idea. Glad to see some side deals happening out here with LEO 🦁

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Thanks to forexbrokr. I am confident that I am able to crack good deals in LEO platform.

I have cracked one more good deal for me and Leofinance but I am not announcing it as such.

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Second installment of airdrop loan of 53.5 leo is done here at

I got .18 SPI sa leo airdrop at

I transferred half .09 to you at

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Happy to see you got the airdrop :)

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Thank you.

Fourth and final airdrop installment paid here.

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Thanks mate, it all went very smoothly.

See you around the LeoFinance community :)

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you are welcome.

First Instatllment of the airdrop loan is made today.

Timestamp of the block " 2020-07-12 07:34:09 (UTC)"

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Third installment of loan is paid here.

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Wow , airdrop is always welcome. I'll give you a better chance. Thanks for sharing.

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You re welcome.

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