Cryptobrewmaster: Market addition bring new dimension to gameplay.

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So yesterday Cryptobrewmaster announced the working of one more building in their gameplay i.e market . Market will allow the player to trade ingredients for CBM. Game will take 5% CBM as its transaction fees.

Let go through a quick review of process ,how can you use the market.


You can see that I have already highlighted the market with orange circle (elliptical ) . Just click any one of them.


Now just click on "Brewing Ingredients" and you will see the below screen.


Now depending upon the card that you want to sell or buy ,just select that card.


If you want to buy the cards, then click the tab "Cards for sale" and if you want to sell your own cards then select tab "My Sales".

For selling just click on "Sell Cards" at the bottom of the pop up window and you order now placed on market.

So enjoy this cool game and in the end you can sell your CBM tokens in or in Hive engine at

And if you have still not joined this game then join this game by using my link

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It's been a while since I stopped playing the game. Introducing market feature is a good thing to take a second look. 🙂

Sure, I saw lot of ingredients at 1 CBM while writing this post. look like all sold out and price on ingredients shoot up.

No need to brew , just sell ingredients.

(BTW, why so many upvotes in comment ,what you are testing now?)

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Oh wow great. I have slowly started getting back to the game. Today I successfully logged in and did some activity.

About votes, I'm not sure. I guess they are now curating comments on Leo Finance. Or maybe someone is testing with my comment.

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Developers are putting a good amount of time and resources....
I am planning the game from last 4 months but the recent change in Beer price demotivate me as I was holding good amount of Beer in hame and not sell them and the then now the price is verh less...
looking forward and wishing the project success....
I am playing

I really understand your concerns, but 3 clicks a day is not a time consuming activity at all.

I am seeing some potential in CBM token as it come under same leadership who owns the exchange. It will not be very hard for them to make a nice usecase for CBM and promote in exchange an public.

But till now, 3 clicks a day is ok for me.

But it will tooks lot more efforts to reach the min requirement of 1000 CBM for withdrawals....

Ingredients are selling hot, try to sell ingredients too. Might it will help in reaching goal earlier.

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That's a great addition! Just brewed some!

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I guess you enjoyed the brewing.

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Oh, yes, I did!

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I have noticed te cahnges last day when login the game.... lets see the effect of same in game economy..