Dcity looks profitable even with small investment

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We all know that big cities in the Dcity earn lot of SIM and hivebut they have cards worth of thousands of Hive , so what about the cities that have bought cards that are just about hundred Hive or more?

Somewhere in June 2020, I started my Dcity Journey with 100 Hive. But buying cards worth of 100 Hive left my city very unbalanced and I need to put extra 20 Hive and few trade to optimize my Dcity. So my overall investment in dcity is around 120 Hive

After few days I broke my Dcity in 2 cities because shopping mall getting robbed is taking away all my income, so I put them in a seperate city, if they get robbed then I lose at max 45 SIM only (for 3 shopping malls).



Account appreciation by investing the profits
So my alt city and current city makes up for 42K+ 20K SIM = 62KSIM. At time of writing this post 62K SIM almost equivalent to 267 Hive. I guess it is little bit inflated but I think 200 Hive might be nice approximation.

Note all the earning are invested in account till now. so 200 Hive is earning+card purchased value.

Daily earnings in Dcity
Currently I am earning 144SIM from my both cities after paying 35% tax. So I calculated that my pre tax income is 221 SIM

Now calculate my daily earning in SIM if converted to Hive if I pay 52% tax (that is max tax I ever paid in Dcity) then it still come 106 SIM. On today rate it comes to .45 Hives daily.

So I can say 120/.45 =266 days,it can still pay back and look like Dcity earning APR comes to
365*.45/120 % = 136%

PS: Did I forget to mention that my weed farm produce .2 weed daily i.e equal to .04 Hive daily on current market rate.

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I also got in dCity in June, 2020. If dCity keeps growing and getting updates, it will attract more people. And we will get higher return.

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There is also new that 3rd edition cards are going to be released soon.

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Let me share with you an interesting thing. In the beginning, I read some articles to know about dCity.

I clicked the link Dcity Journey in your post and remember that I also read your post before starting my journey on dCity. I remember one thing in the comment section where @bala41288 talked about red color and population boost, and I had no idea what he was talking about back then. lol...

Thank you so much @r1s2g3 for sharing your journey and experience.

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Thanks, when we look back we find many things that look complicated at that time but now look super easy/common sense.

I may start a dcity since APR return looks amazing. Wondering what cards best to purchase first to best take advantage of earning gains in this game? Thanks!

Thanks for curating it.

There are 2 ways to buy cards , either using "Buy" tab in game, that will send you very random cards that you cannot control, Post1

Either you use "Market" to get cards but Market in dcity fluctuate too much and little overpriced too. Post2

I will suggest you to divide your money in 2 parts equally. Using your First part of money, you can go 50 : 50 in first and second edition cards.

Using your second part of money , try to fix imbalances in the city by buying cards from Market.

Use https://dcity.monstermarket.io/ if you want to use "Market" because "Market" in Dcity game is very cluttered.

APR return looks amazing
yes ,they are, but not guaranteed.

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