Gearing up for HPUD : First HPUD of New year.

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Gearing up for HPUD : First HPUD of New year.

So December month and this year coming to the end and we are now approaching to a new year and I wish you all the friends with Happy New year.


With this new year , January 1 is also approaching and it is the time for the HPUD also.
I am looking forward to participate in upcoming HPUD and hope you all are also excited for same.

So my participation goal for Jan 2021 HPUD.

There is little good news for HPUD Hispanic participants and @victoriabsb that for this month I will increasing my guaranteed delegation to 450HP from earlier 300 HP. You can reallocate 450HP to participants as you wish.

My Goals for HPUD.

I like to support HPUD participants and I keep motivating myself to increase my Hive power also. I am not sure but I am now committing myself to cross 5000 HP in 2021.

You can participate and help.

All are encouraged to power up and if you can able to spare some HP for delegation to the winners then also feel free to delegate to the HPUD participants. Below are 2 HPUD are organized. One is global one and another one is Hispanic one,

Link to Global HPUD

Link to Hispanic HPUD

I wish best of luck to all the HPUD participants, organizers (@traciyork and @victoriabsb) and all HP delegators for upcoming HPUD.

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Nice strategy for the HPUD dear. The strategy that I'm using for myself is in the accumulation stage. Every HIVE, LEO, or other tokens here on HIVE that I earn is being used to PowerUp to enhance my stake. cheers

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Hmm, Feeling very lazy for quite few days. Happy new year and I am gearing up for HPUD today.

I'm really excited for my first HPUD next month (and it's gonna be a big one).

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Hope you make big today.