Going strong with 1000+ leo staked

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Can you guess what the below image represent?

I think it is no brainer for the user here , it is definitely a LEO depth chart screenshot taken few minutes ago.It look very healthy with a high "Buy Orders" wall. Did you noticed the pointer pointing 19362 leo?

So above figure shows that number of liquid Leo tokens available now is 4596875-4225149 = 371726. So filling the buy order of 19362 leo will require the (19362/371726)*100% =5.2%. And who knows if majority of token get burned in filling this buy order as mentioned in the post by @steem.leo

Leo is still a small community but progressing very nicely as it is evident by its increasing Ads revenue,increased number of user and it's external exchange listing (https://www.cryptex24.io).

So last not the least , let me congratulate myself for staking more than 1000 Leo in account @phython .

I do not put a specific next target for myself for accumulating Leo because I feel more I get it become more better.Maybe LEO provide me the same success stories that earlier bitcoin investor has with bitcoin.

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Congratulations. Good to see you're growing with LEO stake. We need more users to do this for the good of LEO token and the ecosystem growth at large.

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More users=> More content => More quality => More value.

Just thinking it loud.

Good stuff @r1s2g3

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Thanks for stop by and encouragement.