HPUD and me: Save,Share,Grow,Ambition and Badge collection.

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Friends today is 1st August 2020 and it is time to take part in Hive Power up day event. It is not my first HPUD and I make sure that I take part in the each power up days.

Today when I am thinking about Hive Power up day it just crossed my mind what does Hpud signifies to me and I below are the things comes into my mind when I think of Hpud today.

1. Savings


Hive Pud motivates me to save my Hive. Though I still use my Hive in investing in game or tribe token buying but I always make sure that I have saved some Hive to powerup at Hpud. I guess saving Hive and powering it up will show in big way after couple of years.

2. Sharing


Hive power motivates me to share my Hive power for the cause of communities. I am still have very small HP but I have make point to myself that I should take part in community building activities by sharing (delegating) my Hive power.
Currently I have delegated a little HP to @indiaunited a community account that do manual curation in Hive for quality content and I am also the proud sponsor of Hpud Hispano . I hope to increase my delegated HP with my increase in HP in future.

3. Growth

business-1989126_1280.jpg Source

Who does not love the growth? I just wish hivestats.io can give us Hive growth for multiple months (and years) to choose instead of just giving the graph option of 7 days and 1 month only so that I can see my graph for full year. Anyway my HP is growing daily and I m happy about it.

4. Ambition

dolphin-3321762_1280.png Source

My current ambition is to reach the Dolphin status before the end of this year. Maybe I will make it or maybe not at end of this year but one thing I can guarantee you all I am committed to this goal and definitely reach there. HPUD is definitely a mean to reach there.

5. Badge Collection


A nice cool badge is waiting for you if you power up 100 HP on August 1st 2020 (UTC time) . It definitely motivated me to do powerup of more than 100 HP. More details about it can be read here

Before ending this post I think I should share my proof of powerup.

hp_a_hiveblocks.png Screenshot before powerup.

hp_b_hiveblocks.pngScreenshot after powerup.

Transaction id of powerup.

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I will be looking to get this badge soon but for now I do not have the Hive necessary for this.

Sure, you will get it soon.

It is always good to see our growth and I believe that your goals will be achieved.

You inspired me now and I intend to make a similar post so I can see my progress in a month.

Being able to help in projects spread across several communities helps us both in engagement and being profitable as well, as we have specific gains depending on where you are delegating.

Let's move on!

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Thanks, I will create a post in first week of month in which I track progress of my all hive tokens. How much I added till now and how much I need more.
It is interesting to see your progress and graphs.

You are completely right

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Nice PowerUp!

And great post about what's HivePUD is it! I totally agree with your and these points...

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Thanks for curation.

Ah, I wish I had seen this post yesterday. I have missed the opportunity to power up this month. I will remember this and start doing power up from next month onwards.

May be next month you will get this chance. I just hope this not the one time offer.

Yes I guess this is going to be there every month from now on. I will try to grab it next month. Cheers!

Well done with your great power-up @r1s2g3. Glad to read our new badge has been a good motivation.
Keep up the good work. We can't wait to see you becoming a dolphin.

Meantime, support us back and vote for our witness.
You will get one more badge and more powerful upvotes from us on your posts with your next notifications.