Introducing myself to the CTP and Leo Community

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My name might be familiar with the most of the member in the CTP community as I never forgot to take part in the amazing giveaway run by @russellstockley. Actually those giveaways are one of the reason that I stick to that community and I really enjoy the camaraderie that CTPians share with each other.


At one time I am actively looking to learn the affiliate program (actually impressed by keala kanae youtube videos) but more I researched , more doubts started casting in my mind and I am no mood to spend a hefty amount with no guaranteed return.
Though I joined the ClickTrackProfit but currently I am not pursuing it's course and it is more due to the time constraint's from my job and training. (Actually Covid 19 and changing scenarios cause us to undergo training in lot of subjects/topic irrespective whether you are using it or not.) If I feel I got some free time to dedicate I will definitely complete the course and start my journey there.
I think anybody trying to learn "Affiliate Marketing" should join ClickTrackProfit because of following reason.

  1. They are almost decade old now (lot of experience).
  2. There program is free to join.
  3. Community members are friendly and I think you can very easily communicate with @jongolson if you have any doubt.

If you guys are wondering that what I am doing with my CTP earned/won then I will assure you guys that are all staked in my another account @saachi and if you notice then you will find that it is upvoting the CTPians and giving more CTP to all of us. I think some CTPians now actually figured out the mystery of one "s" that is figuring in my robotic name.

In Leo Community, I am very active reader and I will say we really have some good finance article in there. From TA to stock insights, From upcoming tech/innovation to the current scenarios in which we are getting impacted is all there. I am a regular reader there.

One more thing that attracts me about Leo Community is that @khaleelkazi vision and his works towards spreading the community outside the steem/hive environment. With advertisemnet income coming in that will be used to burn Leo to increase the Leo value, I think it will attract more writers and traders together.
I hold a very little amount of Leo (650+ Leo tokens) that I used for curating purpose and interestingly they are appreciated by 50% of my purchasing price and I think this trend might keep on going.

What are my motives on joining these community?
I will say and believe that person should seek knowledge and always works towards it's financial independence and I think both these communities fits my goal in final independence.

With Covid 19 scenario, we got to understand the importance of working from home and I think these communities ideas are fully in line with Work from home culture.

Hope you enjoyed reading about me and my ideas and please feel free to ask me in comments and I will be glad to answer you.

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Well 650 tokens may sound little but remember, Leo has a low circulation. Proportionally, it's like have having 65000 hive 🤣

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I agree, I am earning 1 Leo per day in curation that is somewhat not feasible with this amount of hive.
More revenue generated and more Leo is burned , we will get more value and more curation power for a Leo.

We're big fans of LEO.

Fun little history, if it wasn't for @khaleelkazi and the immense patience he showed me, the CTP tribe might not have been born. He helped us get started!

Interesting to know that.

Hi @r1s2g3,
Like you I enjoy the atmosphere in the ctp tribe. CTP and Leo are the two tribes it's nice to be in. I also created an account just for my ctp tokens. Like that I can upvote independently content from my main account.

Thanks for the introduction!

Thanks for stop by.

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Welcome to one of the best tribes on Hive! I saw your username a couple of times in the wheel spin games... Nice to meet you and don't hesitate to create posts and share your experiences with us!

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Thanks for the encouragement.

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Good to learn about more about the mystery behind the @r1s2g3 handle! Also, thanks for all the upvotes as @saachi. See you on Russell's wheels!


Very nice intro.. I just want to say hello 😊😊

Thanks for stop by.

Start posting through the Leofinance interface and you will see that 650 LEO grow rather quickly.

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Thanks for advice, I like your articles, just wondering how many news sources and magazines do you follow for creating the impressive write ups.

LOL Never kept count but I am always researching what is out there.

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Glad to get some background from you and hear your perspective about LEO and CTP. We'll continue to charge forward and expand on LEO 🦁and I know Jon is always pushing the envelope with CTP. Two great projects to be involved in imo :)

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