My attempt to Leo whale classification.

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I am going to use the same image of supply that @taskmaster4450le used at his post and before I go on further presenting my number for leo whale, I will like to dig in for the word whale.


I tried to find what exactly "Bitcoin Whale" means? I come with various article that put the number of 1000+ Bitcoin to be classified as a whale. If I do percentage holding by a bitcoin whale taking maximum supply then it will come as (1000/21000000)*100 =0.00476% only. But this meager % of bitcoin holding turns out as more than 11 million Dollar of investment. ($11208 * 1000 ) Even we consider price volatility it will still be more than million dollar investment.

So by applying Bitcoin classification of whale to LEO we reach at value of 229 Leo (because 0.00476% of 4809470(Leo total supply) will just come as 229 Leo only.)


If I see the bitcoin whale model it look to me it may be evolved much later and it might be created to point the "amount/value" of money it store instead the amount of bitcoins that we talked earlier.

And if I go on market cap of Leo taking price of LEO as $.05 then whole market value will be roughly more than $240000 (4809470*.05).

With so small market cap the Leo whale financial value cannot be matched to the "whale" word generally used in cryptocurrency and I guess we have to wait for some more time before we can again categorize on the word Leo whale on financial value.

Now leaving all the financial value aside we are actually a Dpos chain and our content visibility can be increased/reduced by the way of upvotes/downvotes. So I guess if an upvote can help you reach on trending page then it is definitely a whale upvote.

I look on trending page of Leo and find the least paying Leo post featuring on the trending page and I find this post with payment of 17.88 Leo featuring in trending page.

Now question arises that how much Leo power is required to upvote worth of 18 Leo?

I think @taskmaster4450le may be able to give us some concrete value but my rough calculation point it out as 90K of Leo power is required for upvote worth of 18 Leo.
For rest of class I think division by 10 strategy will be suffice.

I just hope that you all enjoyed the article.

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I agree with your opinion. that the whale is easily seen because of its large size and has a visible effect.

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Thanks for your stop by.When you get whale vote it will really worth it.

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