My Hive Goals : August 2020

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If you are wondering from where I have got this screenshot then let me share the with you. It has many other nice feature too.

If someone put a very close look at my daily rewards then it can be easily seen that my earning are almost nil in time period of 21st July to 28th July. Actually I do not know but I did not feel to create a post here. I have time and was doing fine but some arguments and de-motivation in workplace held me back to muster courage to write. I guess I write one post asking suggestion.

Last I posted about my goals in post and I will reiterate it again that my LEO goal was to reach 2500 till the end of the year but look like I will easily reach there so I will raise it to 3300 ,10K for the CTP and 2500 for the Hive. These goals we carefully crafted that are achievable if I keep working for them daily without over exerting me and disturbing my other work-life balances. So the recorded snapshot of my power were as below.

" Current HP : 805.6 HP
Current Leo Power: 1085
Current CTP power : 3321 "


And today (4th August 2020 ) my staked power are as follows.

Current HP : 990.7 HP
Current Leo Power: 1914
Current CTP power : 4451

Hive Power added is 185 in this month , and when I think of 2500 HP or 5000 HP I do not think of getting this much HP by authoring and curating. This is more of converting DEC into Hive. Currently I hold 670K of DEC (majority is come from steem power down and unfortunately current prices of DEC are less than my buy price of DEC). In current scenario it is worthily equal to 0.00239*670000 =1600 hive. I am currently not interested in selling DEC for less than 0.0035 Hive per DEC.

Leo power added is 1914-1085 =829. So I guess reaching 2500 will not be problem till end of the year so I increased my goal to 3300.

CTP power added is 4451-3321 = 1130 , so with this projection I will add 1130*5=5650 CTP power in next 5 month.So overall projected CTP power will be 4451+5650= 10001 , Look like I will definitely make it there at end of the year.

Few of my undecided tribe goals from last month were : SPORTS and KANDA and I think I am dropping them to focus my CTP and LEO goals.

Tribe goal completed: LIST
Currently I have decided to stake 1000 LIST only and I have staked 1600+ List currently. I am not making any further goals for LIST though 2K is really possible till end of the year.

Apart from these financial goal , I am quite happy with my engagement goals and I think I have added few followers for me. At the time of writing this post I have 329 followers that is up by 14 from last month count.
Though I do not putting any goal for this but I will commit myself for more engagement with other and take part in community initiatives.

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It is a good strategy to increase your participation in HIVE, as I know how difficult it is to be able to increase your rewards by just author or curator.

Currently when I realize that DEC is at a good price for sale, I don't have any DEC to accumulate and maybe in the future I will start saving a little ... And when I have the evictions I will take the opportunity to buy instead of selling.

I'm sure that your goal in LEO will arrive even before the year is over, we will be here to help.

The coolest thing besides the gains is the engagement. Being able to meet new people and new thoughts is the essence of Hive.

Good journey friend and that your goals are completed as soon as possible.

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It is speculation if I predict but DEC value should be at least .00075 or more. I see .00053 also undervalued.

It is all about taking risk by putting some logical input.

!BEER for u!
Good work

Thanks for beer.

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