My Love Hate relationship with Hive

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When Bitcoin crossing and creating new ATH in a span of hours and days ,ETH also started showing movement, then one of the robust blockchain was sleeping (price wise) and in the state that nothing happened and life is as usual.

That might give rise to frustration and despair that if something wrong here?
I have no idea what exactly is wrong or right here but I have my reasons why I like Hive.

I guess I like Hive for below reasons.

1. A Perfect entertainer: For me Hive provides me with myriad of games that I can play to earn and as well as entertain myself. I keep my urge to spend on products that are not useful to nil but still I purchased few game packs on a conventional game, wasting the money.

2. Interaction and Understanding: It help me to interact with variety of people with diverse background and subject. Interacting and reading them is fun. I guess I know understand about how rigged is system and can be. Since I read it from the users here , I do not think if I read the same from some journalism I might believe them. Most probably they will not be writing about it.

3. Earning potential: I discovered earning potential in myriad of activities in Hive, whether it is blogging, commenting, playing games or flipping some tokens on HE. All adds up.

4. A Backup Plan: Hive give me confidence that I have something to back upon apart from my job.

5.Passive Income: Passive returns I am getting from curation and other activities (like Dcity /SL renting) are also great and it means I am fully monetizing my time spent on Hive without any doubt.


But there are few things that are serious wrong in Hive in my opinion and might need alternate approach.

1. Curation: Blockchain that is created for Proof of Brain mining for a social blogger has so complex curation algo and curve that I think even a college going student will find it intimidating, forget about the general public. This complex curve always favored those who knows curation sniping instead of those who know "how to curate".

2. Witness Votes: I find little odd that you can vote 30 witness while only 20 will be participating in decision making process. I guess a account should be able to vote 5 witness max. I am also feel little sad general user who uses the platform is somewhat disinterested in governance of this platform.

3. DHF uses : I feel there is lot of improvement needed in DHF fund uses proposal. I am not sure why some proposals that look interesting to me never get the required support from the DHF.

4. Development updates: I know that continuous development is going on Blockchain but I have no idea how my experience changes in blockchain with these development. I feel end user have "no connect" what is getting implemented in Blockchain. What I understand is some "long wait" for official second layer of Hive or SMT.

5. 2 cent penalty: I do not understand why this penalty is put as USD amount , instead it should be some fixed amount of Hive. I am not sure why the blockchain has some rules that look more like making things complex instead of putting them in a simple way.

Anyways whatever the issues ,I still exist here and I feel that continuously asking the questions and showing little more interest in governance of this platform is needed for everyone.

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Please feel free to share your views and comments.

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Great post brother I also see hive as an alternative rather then a regular job. 🙏
Don't have much idea about the

wrong things
in #hive.😋

Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----

I agree with you that the governance involvement from every user is lacking behind.

Even most users don't know what a witness really means and haven't voted for anyone yet.

This should be something everyone is involved in to bring more awareness to every part of the blockchain.

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Yeah, more awareness and participation is needed in this field.

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Pretty much agree with everything you've written.
I love Hive for the entertainment it provides me, for the people I've met from all around the world and the stories I've learned a lot from.
At the same time, I despise the overly complex curation mechanic. I've tried to bring several of my friends to Hive over the time and ultimately, I've always failed because they felt it was way too complex, sometimes calling it a pyramid scheme or worse.
I can't blame them, either. It often feels like it's more about who you know and less about the quality of the content you create. In that regard Publish0x is a lot fairer since every vote counts the same.
Anyway, I'm not going anywhere, I'll keep pushing and who knows, maybe some things will change over time...

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it's more about who you know and less about the quality

This is more of human nature that's why interaction is important.

Truth is that lot of content is created and no one is able to read everything so we have preferences for already known authors.

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Absolutely. Even now there's probably more content created then one could read - just imagine how this is going to look like in a couple of years...

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I do not understand why this penalty is put as USD amount , instead it should be some fixed amount of Hive.

I've got 2,039.126 HP. I can't drop a 2 cent vote. That's just messed up on so many levels. I still vote and drain my VP. At least I own some other tokens like LEO, STEM, BATTLE, PAL etc. They should help the folks out :)

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I just hope best for future.

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Me too 🙂👍🎓

I completely agree with whatever you have said. I also echo the same thoughts and before we start looking for new developments, I guess we should be working on fixing the existing issues on this chain. Someone took a huge amount of money away from DHF for exchange listing, can someone give an estimate on how much it would take to get listed on Coinbase or is there even an effort made for that? If there are no steps taken, then the previous exchange listing contribution that went from DHF is not reasonable at all.

I like the idea about having only 5 Witness votes. Blocktrades has mentioned that they are working on bringing a vote decay for witness votes. I wish it is implemented soon and also it works not for 1 year but at least for a minimum of 6 months.

What is this 2 cent penalty thing that you are talking about. This is something new to me. Can you please explain or provide more details?

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yes me too

2 cent penalty thing

Post payout require 2 cents. Based on price of Hive your vote value keep changing. I want it to be removed if not then it should be fixed on amount of Hive so I know what amount of Hive need to be staked to overcome this limit.

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Oh ya that one. I know about it. Yeah it shouldn't be there. There used to be a service called dustsweaper helping out comments. Not sure if that service is still active.

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those are really some good reasons to love HIVE.. And my main reason to LOVE HIVE is that; HIVE is the Future & a way to Financial Freedom. cheers

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so true. let's keep building.

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Social blogging should be made very simple and although I have not use blogs beyond Hive I feel it is best. Yes probably my bias. However take note how many sites that are basically ports of hence some confusion as to what a upvote is really worth? Crypto space is an allure for most due to possible quick money gains, but Hive just not following the bull run very well. However in the long run I do feel it will succeed and for those who are here and stick with it now will be rewarded in the future. Thanks.

little diversification is always need but invest on the project that have sound fundamentals.

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