Reached my Milestone: 1K HP,2K Leo Power and 4K CTP staked

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May be 2020 will be remembered in the world as a pandemic.A virus bring the whole economy to standstill and forced lot of us to be locked down in our home. If you are optimistic and try to find some opportunity than you really find it.I used this time with interacting in some nice communities and started showing daily in form of my post and comment.

I will remember 2020 for getting my minnow status,getting reputation 60 and now getting 1000 HP and may be I get Dolphin status(a new level of my optimism).


If by reading title if you are wondering how I hit 2K Leo and 4K CTP in same day then answer is that I reached those milestone few days ago and today I decided to announce them too. I can say that tribe part of Hive is getting mature and now capable of running their own ecosystem ,sustaining themselves and rewarding their user base. It will not be wise to ignore them and I suggest to look into their tokenomics and involved with them according to your interest.

Tribe posting is not somewhat that you have to make decision like Hive or tribe but it is like (Hive + tribes) it not only help you to earn tribe token but might cause bump in your Hive incomes too.

Do not forget to stake these token to earn curation rewards too. I guess you have already noticed accounts in Hive that have very little Hive power but have large number of token staked of a particular tribe. These accounts are dedicated towards curation on that tribe.

Hoping that we all get some happy moment to share and cherish in this difficult time and keep advancing in our lives.

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Congratulations for hitting the target....

Congratulations on reaching your goals. I am sure that made you happy. Keep up the great work.

yes, and hive pumping making it look more good.

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Congrats keep up the great work

Thanks Eric.

That is a tremendous milestone reached. I plan to put on myself a target to reach 10k LEO staked this year, but I am just starting on it - I have about 50 LEO tokens that probably I will stake this days.

Nevertheless LEO is the best!

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Get active on Leu @behiver and you will see it adding up quickly. A lot of well staked accounts that hand out lots of upvotes each day.

Keep getting involved, posting, and staking.

The model does work.

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Sure make sure to use them earning curation and feel free to share your journey.

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Your current Rank (33) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 23%


Congrats to the staking and thank you so much for your belief and support of the CTP Swarm!!

Congrats great work

Consistency is key...Keep on keeping on.

Congrats on your milestone great acomplishment

Congratulations to reaching all these milestones Rajat, and good luck on your journey towards Dolphin, and yes it is great to earn both Hive and tribe tokens, keep up your great work.

Congratulations on reaching milestone, and the best of luck in achieving the rest of your goals.

Congratulations on your milestones! :)

You really get it. Many ignore what is developing but I agree with you; to ignore the tribes is missing out on some serious potential.

There are a lot of layers that can be added and stacking things is a great approach.

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Thank you for stopping by.
Spotting the opportunity early can give massive gain and can be life changing.

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Congratulations on reaching those 3 milestones! It's great to see your account growing and thanks for your contribution to the CTPTalk!

Thanks Zoltan.
Being in CTP talk is my pleasure.

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Awesome job hitting these milestones, keep up the work and you will be at Dolphin status in no time.

Thanks Mike,thanks for encouragement.

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Congrats on reaching the goals.
It might be possible for you to become dolphin within this year or at least next, if there is focus and production.
Yes it is wise to be involved with several tribes at least the bigger ones.

Thanks aslehansen

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That is awesome about your achievements! Congratulations :)

And yes you are right. We don't have to choose one or the other - we can build a nice little income on Hive & other communities. The possibilities are endless but staking is crucial lol. A lot of newer people need to know that, because that's where the "passive" income comes in, which will help with steady growth.

I don't doubt you will make Dolphin someday! You have the ambition. Glad you are in our community! Keep going & keep up the great work :)💚

Congrats on reaching your goals!!