Rising Star Game: Market Analysis for Buying cards from market vs Buying booster packs.

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Rising Star Game: Buying cards from market vs Buying booster packs.

For past couple of days we are seeing lot of activity in RisingStar. Look like Hive payments for top 98 players has done wonders for the game. I am witnessing some nice increase on Starbits price in Hive-Engine as well as I am getting feeling that card are getting expensive in game market too.

calculator385506_1920 1.jpgSource

So I just try to take the least value of the rare cards that you can get from Booster pack.(reason for taking rare card because booster pack guarantees 1 rare card.)

So below is the price list of cards listed in market. For converting swap.hive into starbits, I am using multiplying factor of 2500 .(10000 Starbits for 4 swap.hive)

Card Type: People

Card NamePriceEquivalent Starbits price
R17 Winston2.95 Swap.Hive7375 SB
R18 Toadie3 Swap.Hive7500 SB
R21 MC Pressure4 Swap.Hive10000 SB
R22 Derek18500 SB18500 SB
R23 Daisy2.15 Swap.Hive5375 SB
R27 Frankie4 Swap.Hive10000 SB
R28 Lolita5.4 Swap.Hive13500 SB
R29 Antonio5 Swap.Hive12500 SB
R32 Rose Petal6.5 Swap.Hive16250 SB
R34 Ed6 Swap.Hive15000 SB
R35 HankNANA
R4 Female Rapper3 Swap.Hive7500 SB
R5 Male Rapper3 Swap.Hive7500 SB
S6 Wizzy5.9 Swap.Hive14750 SB

Card Type: Instruments

Card NamePriceEquivalent Starbits price
R16 MPC5006.9 Swap.Hive17250 SB
R24 The Red One3400 SB3400 SB
R25 Double Bass3500 SB3500 SB
R26 Lute3000 SB3000 SB
R26 Lute3000 SB3000 SB
R30 80s Mic2.9 Swap.Hive7250 SB
R31 Nykelharpa2 Swap.Hive5000 SB
R33 Hang Drum4.8 Swap.Hive12000 SB

Card Type: Vehicles

Card NamePriceEquivalent Starbits price
R19 Speed Boat4.9 Swap.Hive12250 SB
R20 Touring Coach6.4 Swap.Hive16000 SB

By seeing this data, there are 12 cases out of 23, that your single card will be worth more than booster pack cost. in 6 cases it will at least make more than 50% of your booster cost. there are only 6 case where youmight not break even half the value of booster pack.

I guess buying Booster pack is more rewarding choice than buying cards from market. Don't forget Booster can give you Epic and Legendary cards too.

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This a great piece of information and such a great description you have provided here👍🏻👍🏻

Thanks for your stopby , I am happy that you liked it.

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That was immensely helpful as I've just been pondering whether to buy singles or keep buying 12-packs. Thank you very much for doing the math for me!

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Thanks Friend, I am also saving Starbits for another 12 packs now.

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Cards from pack opening is depending or the luck and as you have mentioned that 6 cases out of 23 only below the brake even then packs are more attractive...
Thanks for sharing...

yeah, Probability is high that you will break even by buying packs.

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Thanks for the calculation, very helpful!

I am happy that you find it useful.

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