Risingstar: A magic card that increased my game earning.

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So few days ago I wrote a post about the Games that have high "Return on Time Invested" and I included the game risingstargame.


Since game is not consuming much of time as it is just clicking only and I am happy about it. Since I am also a new starter and I atarted checking about other user blogs and earnings about game. I understood my earning are far less that what others are earning.

Earning Less in Game?

I found 2 reason about it.

1. Since I am just starting so I do not have required experience/level to do high paying mission in game.
2. I also do not have required number of fans that are required to do high level mission.

Advice from an expert
I asked same question(my earning less) to another player @vimukthi and youcan read the actual response here but I am quoting it below also.

I would say get 300 fans. That way you can complete Saturday Headline (3 hours) and do a lot of Illegal Busking until you find a pizza slice to refill your energy. Having more Luck seems to help with finding items.

Finally luck/card helped me to fix it

When you complete 100 mission in a game ,you get a booster pack by game as rewards, So when I opened my booster pack I got below card as rewards.

R10 Touring Coach.png

You can easily see that this card has nice number of fans and little bit of luck too. Believe me that my "earning experience" in game get quite elevated now.

If you are not playing the game then feel free to join the game using my game link

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I feel like getting old, no idea how that works :D

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It is about doing some simple missions in game. (as simple like clicking the button)

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OK like splinterlands?

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I am sorry for late reply.

you can see the youtube tutorial video here. (

Splinterland's have complex gameplay , it is much easier and much less time consuming.

Thank you!

Wow, nice great. Lucky you are. I did not get this big card but my card was also a decent one after I completed 100 missions. !BEER Cheers!

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He is my friend, luck we must have in some games and in this one you have proved that you have enough. Congratulations!

It is common that in the beginning it is a little complex because you are having your first contacts with the game, but with time things get simpler.

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Hey @r1s2g3, here is a little bit of BEER from @bala41288 for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @r1s2g3, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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are you really Lucky everywhere

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Not as such. But what I do not get from luck, I get from my enterprise.