RisingStar Game : All Mozarts claimed , Starbits Chart looks good too.

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RisingStar Game : All Mozarts claimed , Starbits Chart looks good too.

So today ,when I saw the supply of Mozart claimed ,I found it all the 1000 Mozarts are now issued and claimed.


I am lucky that I am able to have 2 Mozarts on my collection.

Let me track my Starbit growth vs Mozarts claimed.

DateStartbitsStarbits goal %Mozart issues% of Mozart claimed
19 Nov 202038K38%42943%
26 Nov 202051K51%49450 %
8 Dec 202076 K76 %68368%
13 Dec 202090 K90 %77678%
19 Dec 2020100 K100 %85786%
23 Dec 2020NANA91692%
27 Dec 2020NANA1000100%

With this rate, I hope all of Mozarts will be claimed before new year and I am happy to get my card.

I was really predicting this from my earlier posts and this finally happened now.

Starbits also recovering.

Not only I see the Starbits price raised a bit but also I see a nice buy orders to support the price of the Starbits.


Though the price is still 30% less then the soft peg of 5 Hive per 10000 Starbits but I think some new development in game still help it to raise it price to its value to peg value.

In the new year, when Hive payment will be implemented ,I guess a little more interest will be raised in the game. I hope in New year, Risingstar game will raise new heights in New Year.

Join the Game

If you want to join the game, then you can join it using my referral link

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If you are interested in music then feel free to join MusicForLife 🎶 🎶 Community .


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I have been playing Rising Star for a bit now, and am excited to see the game getting some price support for StarBits.

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It is really getting traction now. On a side note I noticed that cards from market are also moving fast.

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Rising Star is really looking strong right now. Sad I missed my shot at the second Mozart but I still have ~23,000 Starbits to go for my second 12-pack. It's still a great deal, though. I might turn to buying singles after that, let's see how it goes...

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Look like last 150 Mozart claimed very fast. If Starbits price will raise to peg, then "Beethoven" will be claimed fast too.

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Oh yes, you are right. Didn't think about that! I'll keep an eye on it and will convert my Starbits to Hive for the 12 packs if it gets closer to the peg. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Nooooo. If I'd realised it was that close I would have bought 12 packs today. I was planning to buy some tomorrow anyway. 😢

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It is really interesting that 1000 Mozarts are claimed in less then 2 months.

I hope Jux might launch some new promo in New Year.

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Oops, I was planning to buy another 12 packs this week. With Mozarts gone now, I guess there will be something else that would excite people purchase new packs. Yeah indeed we will need new development in the game to keep it going. I really like the way the game is progressing already. This is one of the best games on Hive. Cheers!

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^^ bullet-leo , Nodes are in their best.

I really have feeling from start that Mozarts are not going to last long.

The price shows a good sing.. I am happy for that... I phrchased Mozart form market some days back....

Nice Move, I can bet the price might have appreciated now for sure.

Shared in reddit, My userid in Reddit is /user/r1s2g3

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I believe that in the not-too-distant future all HIVE blockchain-based games will have an excellent future.

Thanks for the present friend, I will keep it very well and maybe I'll start using it in the game hahaha ...

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Yeah, give it a try, once you played in desktop, then you can switch it to play in mobile too.

Thanks again buddy! I will not guarantee to be assiduous, but I will use my curiosity to start playing. I'll look for your game link.

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