So it's barking spider challenge of splinterlands.

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I was feeling lazy to upgrade my barking spider and in reality I am waiting to collect 100 BCX in barking spider card.
Guess what, I found I have total 102 BCX .
so why 100 BCX?
100 BCX of cards convert into lvl 6 card and Barking spider gets a very strong ability i.e "Blind" at level 6. In my opinion "Blind" is one of the strongest ability that is ignored by users.


If you combine the "Blind" ability with swift or slowness and there are very high chances that opponent keep you missing while you keep hitting the opponent.

So when I get ruleset of melee mayhem and "Fire summoner" is not allowed, my choice is to use Dragon Summoner Daria (For +1 melee attack) and use Earth cards as they have very nice healing power. Using Brownie that further "inspire" my melee attack and add swiftness combined with Barking spider's "Blind". Lord Arianthus powered with "Void","Shield","Reflect" and "Thorns" , I am also excited to see how this combination will work out.


My Team in order:
Daria Dragonscale (Summoner), Lord Arianthus,Flesh Golem,Wood Nymph,Barking Spider,Brownie and Earth Elemental.

Opponent Team in order:
Drake the Arnak(Summoner),Failed Summoner,Orc Sergeant,The Vigilator and War Chang.

Daria Dragonscale.png

When ruleset is melee mayhem then who will not like to add +1 attack to melee monsters.

Lord Arianthus.png

Wit so many defensive abilities ,it is perfect monster to stand in first position to soak attack.

Flesh Golem.png

Nice health and nice attack backed by healing ability. It is my favorite tank but I kept in number 2 because I suspect very hitting at position 1 in melee mayhem. I fear it can get killed before it get chance to be healed.

Wood Nymph.png

Lovely healer from Earth splinter.

Barking Spider.png

Adding range attack to my lineup and "blinding" my opponent.


Inspire and swiftness,all in one mana, I do not expect more.

Earth Elemental.png

A healing Earth Elemental in end to soak the tail attack.

Now Let's come to battle.


My opponent really look smart by using 2 monsters that have range and melee attack. "The Vigilator" has double strike .so it means it is going to do 2 range and 2 melee attack to my tank.


Heavy attack has taken down the Lord Arianthus and I think it was nice move by me to keep flesh golem at second place.


Lone warchang left for opponent , I am all set foe victory.

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banned in Australia like the skyrim dlc lol

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They consider it as gambling or other reasons?

The DLC with spiders is banned due to concerns about arachnophobia

Did you post this in the wrong community btw?

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I feel that Splinterland post are welcome here but maybe if does not look good then I might stop posting them.

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Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

That was a cool battle but I'd suggest you little image customization. I am glad you found level 6 barking spider and I do agree with your this point

If you combine the "Blind" ability with swift or slowness and there are very high chances that opponent keep you missing while you keep hitting the opponent.

Keep splinterlanding 😎

thanks @xawi

I'd suggest you little image customization

Any recommendation for tool , I have no experience in this field.
If you able to share (point out) some work also that will be great.(give me direction what should I try.)