Weekly Earning Report from Splinterland: Week 10.

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Today I am going to post my earning for week 10 today. If you want to read the last week report than you can read it in this post.

As per the financial perspective, I guess DEC is trading on value of $0.00053 and look like it is stable there but I hope there is still room of price increase.



I think apart from earning it also matter what is happening with the asset value of the assets.In splinterland case, cards are asset to game.


For my asset collection I am going to use the market price parameter for our calculation

For account r1s2g3 : Current Market price- Previous post Market price =339.83-321.05=18.78
I see increase in my asset price.

Calculation table for account r1s2g3

Alchemy potion obtained =45
Legendary potion obtained=44
So card Value obtained by quest=3.151
DEC Obtained by quest = 2152
DEC obtained by playing= 2793
DEC Obtained in tournament =0
Booster packs =1 and price .73 =$.73

Total earning = Total DEC earned DEC price + Card value + booster pack Value
0.00053 + 3.151 + (.73) =$6.50


For account saachi :Current Market price- Previous post Market price =212.48-199.18 = 13.3

Calculation table for account saachi

Alchemy potion obtained =48
Legendary potion obtained=36
So card Value obtained by quest=5.58
DEC Obtained by quest = 4534
DEC obtained by playing= 2631
DEC Obtained in tournament = NA
Booster packs =2 =2*.73 =1.46

Total earning = Total DEC earned DEC price + Card value
0.00053 +5.58 +1.46 =$10.83

For account Phython :Current Market price- Previous post Market price =130.65-120.77= 9.88

Alchemy potion obtained =16
Legendary potion obtained=11
So card Value obtained by quest=.691
DEC Obtained by quest = 370
DEC obtained by playing= 247
DEC Obtained in tournament =0
Booster packs =0
Total earning = Total DEC earned DEC price + Card value +booster pack value
0.00053 +.691 =$1.01

Please note that r1s2g3 has level 5 summoner, saachi has level 4 summoner and phython has level 1 summoner. I have not participated in any tournaments and tournaments are great source of income. Phython card value look so high because it hold all the card that I want to rent (yes I earn little rental income also) and it is somewhat my experiment to play with level 1 summoner.

I did not added the season end rewards payout so you expected to see increased income in next post. I am also not assigned any DEC value to potions because they are currently cannot be sold in market but they are costly and in constant demand by pack openers.

Your season rewards and daily quest rewards can vary too much so I think it is better to take 10-15 weeks earning average to draw some conclusions.

So here you find the table of earnings week by week.

S NoAccount r1s2g3Account saachiAccount phython
Week 14.634.68.9044
Week 29.5610.473.474
Week 34.885.41.92
Week 54.536.753.65
Week 69.937.786.24
Week 98.835.451.40
Week 106.5010.831.01

I did not accounted the potion cost because they are non transferrable but if you need to buy them they really cost lot. Next week we will have season rewards cost added so I think it will again be nice earnings.

Note for my affiliates

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

I saw few of the player joined the game using my affiliate link and then stopped playing after few battles. If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely delegate you some card and review your game for your better game experience.


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I have just started playing and getting to enjoy the game currently on Bronze 1

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Ohh! nice . If you have any issue , jump to the game discord server it is really very active.
Do not forget to take part in game giveaways you can win cards ,DEC and booster packs.

Thanks 🙂 I am completing the daily quest

Do not forget to follow @clove71 and @splinterlands accounts. You can get info of all updates,challenges and giveaways.

Thanks I will do, I appreciate the tips 🙂

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This is interesting, DEC is increasing so we have to look at the market, green numbers hahaha.