What are your favourite tribe picks?

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I am always in a lookout for the tribe token to see in which tribe I can contribute my content and earn some tokens for me. I also promptly stake these earned token so that I can benefit from their future growth and as well as curation rewards also.

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I decided to use parameter like Token price, trade volume and marketcap. But I decided to drop marketcap because in some cases token issuers may be sitting on shit loads of their own token ,just skewing the whole results.

so top 5 tribe token in order of their price.

S No.SymbolNamePrice(usd)24 H volume (usd)Tribe site
5CTPCTP Token0.01140.76https://www.CTPtalk.com

I see ARCHON website is not working currently and for VIMM,volume traded is zero as well as there is no "Buy Orders" in VIMM. That's reason I extended list to 7 tokens.

And now top 5 tribe token in order of volume traded.

S No.SymbolNamePrice(usd)24 H volume (usd)Tribe site
2NEOXAGNeoxian Silver0.000899.58https://www.neoxian.city
4CTPCTP Token0.01140.76https://www.CTPtalk.com

So it is clear to me that 4 tribe tokens LEO,WEED,CTP and LOTUS figures in both list and I think user interested in accumulating tribe token should do their DYOR around these token.

For NEOXAG ,I guess the supply is almost 7 fold then LEO and that can explain its diluted price but still having volume.
For STEM , I know this tribe is for promoting STEM topics but I never participated in this tribe.

I hope you all enjoyed my post and it is not at all financial advice for investing in these token.

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You have summed it up well... As I can see, I'm also posting in 3/5 your tribes...
Good choice!

Thanks for stop by. It will be really interesting to see how this data changes in next 6 months.

The archon app iz working here :) nice analysis, and good pick up.

Do you mean "https://archonapp.net" ? because I tried both chrome and brave browsers.

It happened to me either, couldn't open it on several attempts earlier, then it became smooth and perfect, https://www.archonapp.net/ try this hopefully it works.

This works , Thank you.

@taskmanager , Can you please update the site link in token description from https://archonapp.net to https://www.archonapp.net

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