Crypto Limbo, the Place of Stable Uncertainty || And Where Potential Whales Reside




Sideway stable prices, less enthusiasm, the nay-sayers and no-coiners coming out of their caves of hiding "laughing at" the coiners. You know what that means. That's right, we're back in crypto limbo. The mysterious place were those who go against the tide of emotion reside to accumulate more, while those who go with the flow, are shivering in their boots, questioning the longevity of their investment.

Those who sold some at the top are carefully contemplating when to buy back in, while those who foolishly HODLed indefinitely are kicking themselves, swearing to do better next time. Now is the time to accumulate and strengthen your positions. Move around some funds, strategize or simply write a blog post or two, or three, or four, right here on Hive. You'd be amazed how much you could make out of 50 HBD, by simply making sound non-emotional trading decisions. A little bit of luck helps too. Should you invest more out of pocket? Yes, but also no. Only invest what you are willing to lose, do your research, and enjoy your time in crypto limbo.


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