Strategy and Research are Important || don't lose your Assets on Hype and FUD

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The crypto market is on fire! Green everywhere. Prices are rocketing even higher. And emotions might rise as well. Even if you are adept at suppressing those, still a few questions might arise. When do you sell, when do you buy more? What should be your strategy? The answer is that there is no one true answer. It all depends.

Strategy is not a clear cut thing that works for anyone and everyone. It is built from research, facts, careful analysis and evaluation. Your end goal also plays a big role in this. Just buying something because of the hype and selling because it seems like you're losing can be considered poor strategy at best. Sure, you can lucky, but what are the odds of that happening consistently. Those who do not do their own research in the crypto world are most likely doomed for failure. Those who do their own research might be doomed as well though. xD But the chance is less likely.

So what is the answer to what you should do with all these great selling prices? The answer is whatever your research concludes is best. Maybe you should sell small amounts during a rising trend. Maybe you should HODL everything for 5 more years and retire at that point as a possible millionaire. Or maybe you should just sell everything for now and invest in your own company. Whatever you choose to do, always make sure that this is your choice to make and that you have done your research.


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I agree bro. It’s like depending solely on default schooling to educate children or doctors and hospitals to manage our health. Each individual should take some amount of responsibility for his or her current and future well-being. So, individual research is very important.

On another note though, I wonder if there is a way to further reduce world poverty(1) or improve education(4) using these platforms.

We can definitely reduce poverty with blockchain platforms, more so that the wealth gets distributed in a more fair way. But people have to be willing to put in the time and energy. Realistically poverty won't be eliminated, because of how the economy and also human behavior works (people who think they should be provided for without doing anything for example).


Agreed. However with targeted collective effort further progress is possible.

World Bank estimated that the share of people in extreme poverty declined to 8.6% of the world population in 2018. 7,597,175,534*0.086=653,357,096

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