The Drunken Chess Horse that is the Crypto Market

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If cryptocurrency as a whole was a chess game, the prices would definitely be a drunken horse. Going up, down, left, right, making illogical jumps. Or logical in some cases. We're basically the pawns. It seems the bears are getting stronger by the day. With all these bears and horses we can open a zoo in no time. But enough about the crypto wildlife. It's becoming quite evident that it will be a long time before we see the recent all time highs again. Prices have been making slight bumps upwards and larger drops downwards, indicating bearish movement.

But don't get out your bear repellant just yet, it might still be part of some huge correction, building up to the next rocket to the moon. This is all speculation of course, based on past experience and random thoughts. And even if I were a wiz kid in technical analysis, it would still be speculation. Who knows, maybe Bezos does something crazy and announces he's funding the next launch with Bitcoin. Then we'd have ridiculous green bars the next hour. Anything can happen in crypto, which is the exciting part, and also the nerve-wrecking part at the same time.

Whatever the future may hold, brace yourself, cuz where indefinitely in for a bumpy ride.


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