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Those of you that have interacted with me before might know that my end goal with cryptocurrency is financial independence. The ability to retire and not have to work. Not that I plan on not working at all. In fact, I plan on doing lots of things, but all on my own terms, without being dependent on a monthly salary.

Dividend tokens are an important part of this crypto goal of mine. There are many of those. NEO, KCS, ADA, to name a few. Anything Proof-Of-Stake token can be added to the list. Here on Hive on our second Hive-Engine layer, we have quite a few of those too. BRO, INDEX and DHEDGE among the popular ones. The so-called miner tokens are also very popular and most of have an ROI of around 2 to 3 years, if I'm correct, which is crazy. And that's without calculating the rising price and the price of selling the mining token as well.

It's no surprise that most of my 50% HBD earnings have been going to exactly those kind of tokens. I've been comfortably collecting around $5 in tokens each day. May not seem like much globally, and it's not. But locally that's a days work to some living close to the poverty line.

Sure, instant profit in your pocket is cool and all. But if you're playing the long game and want to escape the rat race like me, dividend tokens are something you should definitely look at.


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I couldn't agree more with your assessment!

I really like the idea of dividend and index tokens on Hive-Engine. To be able to acquire a wide range of tokens for investing in a single source is a great way to increase one's overall diversification, and can create numerous opportunities for growth if any of those individual tokens pumps in value.

True. And the dividends may seem small at first, but once you build up multiple assets, it all stacks up real quick, especially with compounding/reinvesting.


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