The Race is Long, Keep Staking Along

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Today I’ve staked 100k more Sports to my account. I am glad to see my sports power keep growing day by day. I have been staking from the beginning of Sportstalksocial birth. I like sports token since sports are fun. There is a competition in any sports. Even I am not a professional sportsman, but I like to watch some sports even, like football, badminton, motorbike and car race.


I take Sportstalksocial with its token SPORTS as a race for me. I am now in the race of staking. I really know that if I keep staking Sports I will be still on the race. If I stop staking, I will miss the laps. The only way to maintain my voting value is by staking and staking. I know that many people outside there are doubt about the future of Sportstalksocial, but who knows the future?

I’ve joined sportstalksocial at the beginning when Sportstalksocial was on Steem Blockchain. I remembered when I was celebrating my first one million Sports Power. It was a huge investment when Sports price was 0,004 Steem. While the Steem price was about $0.3.

After a hardfork for the birth of Hive Engine. I was worried about the future of Steem-Engine and tribes on it. I have a lot of SPORTS, some LEO, FOODIE, PAL, Creativecoin, ZZAN, JAHM, NEOXIAN, and some other token like Marlians, Lifestyle, dblog, actnearn.

And then, Hive-Engine created, that made me pretty happy. However, we still did’nt know which tribes will move to Hive Blockchain. Finally, there were some tribe move to Hive Blockchain and there were some of them keep on Steem Blockchain.

You know, I have my biggest trust to the tribes that move to Hive Engine. One of them is SPORTS. After SPORTS was landing on Hive Engine, I keep posting, curating, buying and staking SPORTS. I am doing these until now. Earning and buying SPORTS, and stake them. However, I’ve sold some SPORTS as well to buy other token like LEO. Now I have about 5,000 LEO staked in my main account @razack-pulo. All other tribes like JAHM, Foodie, Creativecoin, Neoxian, Chary are staked on my main account.

“Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.“ Baz Lurhmann

Ah yes. Don’t waste your time on jealousy, keep staking. Posting, curating, buying, then staking. It’s all for you, for your future. And like what Baz Lurhmann said “Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either”.

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Sports has alot of potential in it as that attracted me to it as I also see the engagement rate increasing.

I'm still low on sports now and I'm very keen on buying and posting a well, hopefully I can get to a 5M stake before the year ends

Just stakes 20K sports today and will make a post sooner about my journey on here and future goals too

Yes. Keep staking, posting and curating.

I'll do just that.

Thanks for the encouragement

To see you progressing each and everyday is awesome. So also is the staking thing, you get to wan better and better each passing day as you stake.

Till low I've not been able to achieve my 10m sports stake because I relaxed a little. Very bad. But I am still staking though, though very little in thousand of 13k,17k etc.

You forgot to add the #sportspower tag

Glad to see you growing. I believe you will reach your goal...

I can say your initiative is really bringing my dream of achieving 1million sports to a reality.

Great.. I am going to support you to reach it :)

+700k sport tokens bought, that's all I can say ;)

Thats very good.

Please keep it up.

Great going. I am going the same thing.
Posting, earning and staking+ buying some SPORTS now and then. If the price drops , I will be there to buy it.

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Well done. Let’s keep staking. The more sports staked, the better for the community

Nice progress and congratulations for powerup.. I am power up everyday (author and curation rewars)... pice doesn't metter at present. Lo2 price means good timw for investment.

Great. Nice to see you are growing..

Thanks for support

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Amazing work growing your stake in the community! I let my foot off the gas in my journey and still working to regrow my stake. I'm really hoping to earn at least 25M tokens this year to break 40 but I'd really like to get to 50 before end of year so we'll see.

Yeah, you are in the race as well. It’s a great goal to have 50 m this year. I will see you get closer to my position on the lap :)

If I don't curate the sporttalksocial posts, what else are the usefulness of staking the coins?

Staking is for curating and earn some more token. Sportstalksocial has already applied linear curation percentage. It means if for example your voting value is 1000, you will get 500 as your curation reward. When you curate 10 posts a day, then you will earn curation reward about 5,000 per day.

I think the other usefulness is that you are helping to decrease the amount of liquid tokens. It may trigger the price of SPORTS getting up when the liquid supply is low..

Thank you very much for you explanation. I have one more question. The curation, can I do that using tags from hive front-end like or or I need to do that from site?

Yes. You may do that from Hive or peakd front end as long as #sportstalk tag included.

Thanks sir for the clarifications. Much appreciated.

I finally crossed the 100k marked today, and I just started staking a couple of weeks ago. I'm in this community for the long run!

Glad to see you are growing. Keep posting and earning. I will just support you..

Thank you :) that keeps the motivation up 👍