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Trading is probably one of the most easiest way to get rich and to come to the street! Yep, you might meet someone who is insanely rich, thanks to crypto and there are those who definitely think of crypto as a curse in their life. Sh*t happens! But life goes on.

I have been a victim and blessed with both good and bad sides of crypto. Loosing funds from your original value (in terms of USD) hurts like hell. Especially when you are at the edge! Regardless of all this, I heard somewhere, Crypto is such a place where your dreams can actually get filled up! A normal 9-5 job is not really adequate for someone at a standard level. Unless you are at a certain level of income every month but come on, I am talking about those who are not really in that standard of life and where every cents matters!


So whatever it is, its wise to get to know what you are actually doing and how you are going to utilize that space in your favor!

I recently did a short term trade on ADA (Cardano). As the news kind of got me. Cardano on its way to achieve smart contract compatibility with all programming languages. Her's the link . I could have made some nice profits once I got this news. But many things are going on right now with me. And trading in one sitting and for short terms (one day trade) is what I look out for the most. I try to reach my target as soon as possible and get out once I reach that threshold. I bought few bucks worth of ADA and put my sell order ASAP and luckily my order went out and I was able to make almost 10% profit in this time frame. I have not been much active in this zone for some time but sometimes this spikes really gets us. Try to keep up with the latest happenings with the crypto world. I am aware we can not grab everything but why not try our best and make use of what we can get.

Honestly, If I have to say smart contracts are one of the best and hyped topic of this present times. Needless to say, crypto is evolving! And some of the facts have been the reason behind it. DEFI, Smart contracts are few of those reasons. Trend is something which we need to keep up with. Like they say, if you stay away from from current trend, you might get left away from the recent happenings!

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