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Honestly, my crypto mining experience is not really much. But what I have been able to witness over the past couple of months was very much phenomenon. As I was able to witness some mining operations happening in front of me (virtual/real time). I must say it was one of the experience which I would probably remember for a long time. Like all the ups and downs of crypto will always be a part of our life.


  • Cloud mining.
  • CPU mining.
  • GPU mining.
  • ASIC mining.

I wanted to do something which I have never done before. This crypto stuff is probably one the best thing which happened to me. Which is why I got to meet all of you (everyone who is reading) and I was able to find out something new for myself. I always wanted to explore the mining zone of crypto but due to several reasons that option never really saw the light at the end of the tunnel. If I am being honest, in the past I tried several cloud mining programs/sites but never really got a significant result out of it. Which is why I probably never really got much into it anyway. Another few reasons of not really getting into mining were gears, tech support (I am not a tech geek, so you get it), also financial support and most importantly support from government (ASIC MINING). Yeah, crypto is still banned in many countries, do not forget that guys!

I am still a baby when it comes to any sort of mining experience. But honestly, I am getting a liking to it as I am exploring more. But regardless of all this, I hardly would be able to make a difference out of this situation. As like I said, I am not tech geek, so there would be many difficulties in mining experience which would be a no go for me to solve. So I would probably give up at some point (I know myself lol). But all these new research and experience is really worth it. No matter what you think, getting a new hobby is really worth it.


KOINOS, really gave some taste of mining and it was well worth it. Even though I was not able to mine close to nothing but it was worth the try. If I ever get a chance I want to start a mining farm. Yeah, I know I am being ridiculous or most probably insane but yeah sometimes it is worth it lol, I am just kidding lol. Cloud mining and cpu mining done all that remain is the GPU mining and ASIC mining. Probably someday will get that taste as well.

Are you into mining? Ever tried anything in your crypto journey? Do share it please!

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i bought 200 koin no more it is enough for mi if this grown well i am inside
in hiveengine.
because the cost of gas on Ethereum it is so hard.

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I stopped mining long time ago.
I find that trading is easier, cheaper and more profitable.

I was thinking that unless you were fortunate enough to be involved in the early days of Bitcoin when yoy could mine using a PC, you're better off just buying the crypto and trading. I've heard nothing but complaints about those cloud mining companies.

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