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The year 2021 started with a positive mindset. It is no doubt, we are going to have an amazing year around the crypto world! The influence of crypto currency is going to be fascinating. The adoption is happening in masses. But there are situations, which can be exploited and used against crypto in the coming days. Overall, this year is going to be a learning phase for all kinds of people about the crypto world!


For starters, I met a doctor who is a family friend few days back. Somehow, he got to know about BTC. He seemed quite excited about it as well. And he was asking me, if I had any idea about BTC or how it actually works! I was honestly surprised! Mostly not because of his attraction towards BTC but mannnnnn, his reactions was quite aggressive. He was on a very good mood swing and he wanted to get his hands on BTC ASAP. This is a positive news though but what I saw was just pure FOMO. The price of BTC was manipulating him so much, that he was just thinking of getting in without even thinking twice. At the end I gave him some idea and hopefully he digs up even more to educate himself to get into this world.

The price of BTC has impacted people of all generations. Some are calling it a bubble, while some are stacking and piling up, to make the best of the situation. Some people are going to get in (like my DOC) and may end up in a loss, not knowing hat to actually do with their crypto. That is why, this year is going to another good year for crypto and also one of the worst year for some people, to loose money. As what I can say, "Whatever goes up, shall eventually come down". Just, the question is now "when"?


With alt also plummeting over the roof, some regrets are there for some of us, I believe! Mine are as follows:

  • Selling ETH at a low rate
  • Selling BTC at around 20k :(
  • Not buying ETH when I had the chance
  • Not purchasing DOGE, when my friend was rumbling continuously about it
  • Not getting into LEO, when I had the chance

and the list would probably go on and on lol!

Damn, now that I think of it, the list is really long! But learning is a great path. You never stop yourself from educating, from the mistakes that you made. At the end of the day, I just want to say, "Crypto is unpredictable as hell!".

DO you have any regrets at this point (regarding Crypto)?

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