Bitcoin is Rising - Don't Forget Stop Loss

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After the big rise that happened to Bitcoin almost 7% in the past few days after it was suffering on the 50k line between above and below.

Now, the price of Bitcoin reaches nearly $ 57,500, in a steady trend towards $ 60,000.

In fact, I still can't believe myself when I write this number (50 thousand dollars).

I have been following Bitcoin for several months and the price was about 10 thousand dollars. It is still strange for us to get a bit used to that Bitcoin is worth this number.

It's like when you buy a new T-shirt and you are not used to it, or you buy a fancy car and forget your old car, you still can't believe yourself.


But confidence ...

Trust is the basis of everything, and accordingly, the price of bitcoin has risen in reality. You must follow the actions of major companies and investors, not their actions, and this is what people do now, as they buy bitcoins such as Tesla and others that have bought Bitcoin worth millions of dollars.

It's as if everyone says to ourselves, "If I lose a thousand dollars or even 10 thousand dollars, Tesla will lose millions of dollars in return."

An internal theory, except that it follows the herd, an innate nature of man who follows it from creation.


But ....

In the midst of this momentum, everyone forgets the most important thing, which is Stop Loss. Bitcoin is moving forward. What is the benefit of putting the element of pessimism and expecting the price to fall.

But this is the most important thing in the financial management is to expect anything. Perhaps in the 8 hours that they sleep, you find that the price has fallen 6 thousand dollars.

Everything is possible in the world of rapidly volatile cryptocurrencies, so you should be careful and not too optimistic. Put everything 50/50 This makes you feel confident about your currencies and your winnings.

It is not important that you achieve the maximum gains, rather what is important is that you do not lose. This is the matter.

Maybe your wealth is not that big and you say what happens will I lose $ 100 or $ 200 It starts with losing $ 1 or I can tell you something else Make everything by percentage I will not lose more than 10% I will make 20% profit and so on.

Finally, be optimistic to the point of heaven, but expect anything.


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