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Bitcoin is confused - Ethereum is booming

The crypto market is in a state of fluctuation in the recent period, despite the large investments and wonderful projects that have entered the world of crypto recently, but this did not have a significant impact on the market.

It seems that the momentum that occurred and the rapid price rise to more than 58 thousand dollars needed more saturation through the flow of funds, projects, or even media propaganda.

So we are facing an almost stable market, given what is happening now. I suspect it is only saturated before we move on to the next point.

The good thing is that all of this is not in vain. The market may have needed that period in order not to meet with a major drop or correction.


So what happens to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, the last period, lives in a critical stage between the 40,000 and 50,000, as a person trying to climb, and he only has the last stairs left.

Bitcoin's price is facing a major change not only in the weekly but also in the daily term, and I will not exaggerate if it decreases on the hourly level.
For example, the price of Bitcoin today was about $ 50200, then it fell to $ 49800, then moved now to $ 50800. This fluctuation is very good for traders throughout the day.
They find this a great opportunity for daily gains of up to $ 1000 with correct prediction of uptrend and short correction trend.

But if we look at the change over the 24-hour period, we find that it is almost zero despite what we mentioned above, Bitcoin returned to the same point.


Ethereum has great momentum

Looking at Ethereum, we find that it has gained great momentum since the announcement of the new modernization, which will solve the main problem for Ethereum holders, which is the high gas.

The price of Ethereum today broke the barrier of $ 1700 to reach $ 1731, about 4% higher than the rise in Bitcoin, which as we mentioned was about 0.26 today.

On the weekly basis, Ethereum outperformed a huge advantage, up about 13%, while Bitcoin rose only 7%.
Ethereum has gained this percentage in just two days since the new update date was announced.


Hive coin

Looking at the Hive currency, we find that it is the same with Bitcoin despite yesterday's rise, which reached $ 0.32, until it fell again to 0.3 to continue fluctuating around this level.

We await the next Bitcoin rally, which may push it to $ 0.4.


Leo's performance was active this week between ups and downs, since the announcement of the new update on the Binance smart network and CUB's Airdrop, the currency rose dramatically, reaching $ 0.81.

Then, it gradually fell back to the level of $ 0.57 with the recent drop of Bitcoin.

Today, however, it is performing well, reaching the $ 0.71 level, but Wleo is still outperforming it by around 7 cents.

Waiting for the Airdrop today will make the biggest difference.


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