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RE: BitPay Adds Support for Apple Pay – A Step on the Ladder to Mainstream Adoption

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I wonder what the payment token of choice will be - I just can't help going back to Litecoin when I think of this.

Maybe Dash too, but I don't know very much about that.

Of course Hive would make a great payment token, I just don't know how easy it is to integrate it with other wallets?!?

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It's funny you should mention LTC because that is my token of choice for sending any large-ish amount of crypto with. The transaction fees of around $0.05 (network load dependent) seem unbeatable, apart from hive of course. So, if I want to move BTC I usually sell to LTC move to the wallet or exchange I want to send too, sell back into BTC and even with two trades, and the fees associated with them, it works out miles cheaper than sending the BTC across the BTC blockchain. Insane really.

I did once use hive to send between two exchanges when buying a bag of a speculative altcoin and that did end up the cheapest even with two trades at the receiving end = hive sent to exchange... then Hive/Tether... then Tether/Altcoin. Similarly, when sending to an external wallet it turns out far cheaper to send in LTC then use atomic swap to exchange it back to BTC at the other end.

This type of thing needs to be integrated into some type of service to be automatic for mainstream to really get on board IMO.

Thanks for your comment revise.leo :)

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I'm with you, I use LTC too to transfer between Kraken/ Binance/ Bittrex.

Binance Smart Chain is good, when you can use it!

I recently moved about 1k worth of a certain alt to their native wallet/app by transferring using BNB because they didn't have LTC wallet on their app. It cost about £7 all in all to transfer, which was better than sending the ERC20 token (would have lost $60 in TX/gas fees) but still a kick in the teeth compared to an LTC transaction.

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