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RE: Just found £188 ($250) down the side of the sofa

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Nice savings.

I haven't read a copy of the Saturday Guardian for years, but making it into a tabloid would put me right off!

I guess a subscription and a voucher is the only way to do it.

The Week is well worth subscribing too if you ask me.

I'd definitely avoid buying anything if you can and spend it on crypto!

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making it into a tabloid

I know! I was on holiday at a family wedding the weekend it was announced - and it's published at Wapping in the same print facility as the Sun. I nearly cried. I was paying full price each weekend for it anyway, so I think that's another 75p saving a week right there!

I've just read your post about Bitcoin -> £100k; really good timing for me as I realised I haven't got a proper plan other than "buy crypto".

I'll have a look at The Week. Is it digital only?

I think the Week has different options - digital is one of them, or you can get a print copy, or both.

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