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If you are a content creator, you will get rewarded and earn from your content. Hive gives us a great opportunity to earn as a curator that you cannot imagine on a centralized platform. We consume content, engage, and give feedback on centralized platforms like YouTube, but you cannot think of earning as a content curator.

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Content creators get more exposures to their content when it adds value and we as a curator engage with that. You cannot ignore the contribution of content curators. When you consume any content on Hive blockchain and like/upvote that content, you will get curation rewards. Well, how much curation rewards you will get, it's not predictable.

If you find a good post and upvote that within a 5 minutes window, you will get more curation rewards. Any curator who curates and upvotes that content later gets less curation rewards. Even if you are online, still the chance of reading, finding, and supporting quality content in the 5 minutes window is difficult. So giving autoupvote is a way to maximize the curation rewards.

Unfortunately, in this whole process, manual curators do the most work and get less curation rewards. It takes time and effort to find good content and curate that. They are doing the work to find quality content and engage with that, but since it is not within 5 minutes window, they don't get as much as them who upvote earlier. I'm sorry but it feels like a punishment for manual curators. We always talk about quality content, unfortunately, people who do the work to find good content and curate are not rewarded as they are supposed to.

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The great news is, it will not happen on LeoFinance anymore. If you read the latest post from @leofinance, you know they did a great job to fix this. Now no matter when you upvote any content (of course, that's not after 7 days), you will get 50% as a curation reward as per your vote value. It means a lot to manual curators.

Curators who find good content and support that content, they will get 50% as curation rewards. It will positively impact the whole ecosystem. It is a level playing field for all content creators and curators. You are a new content creator, if you make good content, the probability to get more rewards from your content is higher since no one has to chase 5 minutes window to maximize curation rewards here on LeoFinance.

What do you think about that? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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Welcoming new changes on LEO!

I find it silly to upvote something (that I even don't know what it is) just because of a couple of % more on curation rewards... People who really cared about these things didn't do that before, and now I hope that others will distribute their upvotes for the people that creating content with value...

If you want to see change, just change the rules of the game. I think that's an effective move for LeoFinance. At least manual curators will not panalized for putting their time and effort to curate good content.

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I 100% support this new reward distribution. Up until now 99+ % of my votes were done with autovoters. Casting my votes on potentially high rewarded authors in the first 18 seconds. Because clearly it was the most profitable way to act.
Yesterday, right after this change was announced, I've turned all my autovoters OFF.
No more skipping good content without leaving a vote just because I found it to late, and 95% of other autovoters have already voted on it.

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Now we don't have to worry to cast upvote in the perfect moment in order to maximize the curation rewards. There are good posts or videos that deserve more attention. They usually do not get more attention because of having a 5 minutes window to maximize return.

Now good content gets more attention and we see more quality content on the trending. New visitors land on LeoFinance and when they see awesome content, they will spend more time on this site. Google sees that and considers the bounce rate. The bounce rate will decrease and it will positively impact on LeoFinance SEO ranking. Again because of the higher ranking on Google, the chance of finding LeoFinance content by searching will increase. I think it will positively impact the whole LeoFinance ecosystem.

Thank you so much @onealfa.leo for your feedback. I appreciate that!

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Good point on the googles SEO bounce rate, etc. Not everybody understands these things. But I know it WORKS

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I don't know if I should support this or not.
We might never be in need of Auto vote dapp anymore. Except the voting of consistent good content creators

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If you are busy and don't have time to curate content, you can use autovote to support some content creators who make quality content consistently. You don't have to spend your time, that's a great advantage.

But manual curators get less curation rewards only because they are not able to upvote in a 5 minutes window. That's not fair. Fron now on, it will not happen on LeoFinance. We will see more quality content on the trending page. :)

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