HIVE Price Is $0.23, Are You Upset Or Motivated?

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A couple of days ago, the HIVE price was around $0.33. Now it falls and the current HIVE price is $0.23. So how do you feel in this situation?

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When cryptocurrency price rises, people are usually excited and it grabs more attention. You see many people start buying cryptos then. After a certain period of time, it falls. When the price increase, you can sell, and when the price falls, you should buy.

Maybe you missed the opportunity last time when HIVE price increased to $0.33. You wish you had more HIVE, then you could take advantage of that situation. Now is the time. You can buy HIVE for making your next move.

The beauty or advantage of HIVE (whatever you call), you can do a lot of things. You can stake HIVE into HIVE power and get curation rewards by supporting others content. Hive blockchain has a strong community. From outside, you might not feel how strong the HIVE community is. If you are a trader, just take a look at and join the community.

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It is inspiring to see what's going on and people are motivated to move forward. Hive blockchain has different Dapps. You can earn HIVE from curating and creating content. Not only that, if you like to play games, I highly recommend taking a look at dCity and Splinterlands.

You can use fiat currency to buy HIVE or you can buy HIVE with other cryptocurrencies. If you feel bad and are not motivated at this time due to the HIVE price fall, you probably miss the golden opportunity. When the HIVE price rises, you will not have this opportunity that you have right now. By the way, when I started writing this post, the HIVE price was 0.227, and now it's $0.23.

I'm not a financial adviser. So spend some time to do your own research and if it convinces you, only then make a decision. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. That's it for now. Have a great day!

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It has its pros and cons for sure. Great time to buy! :D Thanks for the this post. Lots of great advice.

Excited to see the HIVE price after two or three years. Thank you so much @jangle for your feedback!

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