How Can We Onboard New Users On Hive Blockchain?

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Have you ever thought of why you do something that you do?

Well, we just do it. We like what we are doing. Yes, that's the point. You do things that you are interested to do unless someone is forcing you to do something.

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We talk about onboarding new users on Hive blockchain. And if you send a general message that it's a great platform, you can say whatever you want, no one is going to ban you. That will grab specific people's attention.

How about someone who has already make enough money doing what he/she loves. That person might not be interested. To attract people on Hive blockchain, it is better to segment and talk about something that Hive blockchain offers based on their interest.

Everyone is not a content creator. So saying you can make content and get paid for that will not work for everyone. Maybe they have money to invest. When they hear you make money without making content, all you have to do is to curate content. That can draw their attention.

Some people love playing games more than anything. When they see Splinterlands, you will jump in and start playing. Splinterlands did a great job attacting people's attention and it is one of hte most popular games on blockchain.

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You can even segment among games. All games will not attract everyone. I have never played Splinterlands, but I am on dCity. I find it interesting to build your virtual city. You can make changes, buy and sell cards to optimize your city. You can have some fun doing that and get rewards regularly. That's awesome!

You will hardly find any person who does not like sports. People who are interested in sports and love to talk about it, SportsTalkSocial can attract their attention. They can hangout with like-minded people and just do what they love to do.

If you want to talk about online business, affilate marketing, and share your entrepreneurial journey, CTPTalk feels like home. The way they share their experience, interact and engage with other people, that's amazing. You can learn a lot from others.

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People are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. When they hear some news about Bitcoin price going up, they want to know what's going on. LeoFinance can be the platform that answers their questions and move them to the right direction.

Agian some people just don't care about cryptocurrency. But they want to know about how to mange money. Making money is not enough. You have to know how to spend your money and invest that to maximuze the return and minimize the risk. As an investor, we are usually risk averse.

We can talk about finance on LeoFinance. And that can attract many people who are more than happy to learn about that.In one of recent post, talked about how LeoFinace plans to attract users on Hive blockchain. That's one of the effective ways to draw people's attention and onboarding them on Hive blockchain.

When you draw people's attention based on their interest, the conversion rate will be higher. That's how we can make our move to onboard new users on Hive blockchain. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

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I would say that Hive tribes will take the onboarding role more and more in the future... There are many people that are on Hive, and for example, just playing Spliterlands...

Yes, that's true. People can do whatever they are interested in. And they will find that place on Hive blockchain.

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I'm increasingly convinced that few users care about Hive blockchain and why should they. What they care about is something else, and if we are to grow onboard the users to those other things: Splinter lands, communities, dCity, dApps, UIs that they like. Let them come for some narrow interest, then think of Hive as some decentralised single sign on and then see gave for what it is. Learning curve is too steep to do it any other way.

Yes, it is not just creating and curating content platform anymore. If we still think like this, we cannot see the whole picture. It is fascinating to see how Splinterlands, dCity, and some tribes like LeoFinance position themselves that can make a difference.

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Really awesome post here. Often we don’t think of why we do things we do. It’s going to be best to attract people for their interests rather than just saying earn money with us!!! I’ve unfortunately said that often in my twitter posts but I’ve been focusing on community instead lately.

What i can't figure out for the love of God. With all that Hive already offers and all the development that is going on. How is it possible that we are still circle jerking with the same 20k users?

Or am i missing something here?

Would love to see some real marketing heroes pop up above the return proposal.

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We have great products that's hard to beat. Only having quality products are not enough, it will make no difference if no one knows about it. Here's come the marketing and branding. How you position yourself in people's mind, that's important.

If we let people know specific things what Hive blockchain offers based on their interest, we can see a big chance. Thank you @luca-legend for your feedback. I appreciate that!

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This is quite true. It's time we stopped selling the point of Hive being for content creators only. Hive is more like a Universe on its own and a whole lot can be achieved on the blockchain other than just content creation. Thanks for sharing this insightful article @rezoanulv.leo

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I completely agree with you. How about someone who cannot put two sentences together? Still, he becomes the best selling author? How? It's because he has the talent and knows how to run things. Hire a ghostwriter how writes what he says.

We can do a lot of things that Hive blockchain offers. It is time to focus on specific things and draw people's attention based on their interest. Thank you @hivebootcamphub for your comment!

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