How To Save Money As A College Student - Part 2

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Do you really want to save money?

If you really want to do that, you are most welcome to read this post. You can read How To Save Money As A College Student - Part 1 in case you have not read that yet. Let's get started.

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Use student discounts

You are a student, and you can get discounts on different things. First of all, when you use a bus to travel, you have to pay less. They can see your student ID card, that's it. Keep your student ID card with you.

Many restaurants, shops, and businesses offer special discounts to the students. Only students can get those offers. You can look for these discounts when you buy something, eat or travel. In this way, you will get something at a discount price and save money.

Ride a bike

I used to ride a bike when I was in school and college. It will cost you nothing to go somewhere. You can save money that you usually use to go here and there. If you use your car, you have to pay for gas, parking charge, and so on. Take a bus instead. You can save the money that you use to do something later that will generate more money.

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Make money

If you want to save money, you need to make money. As you a student, you can do a part-time job, earn money, and at the same time, you have some experience. Your experience will help you later in your professional when you finish your academic studies. That's an additional benefit. When you are looking for a job, everyone prefers someone who has experience in the relevant field.

So doing a job or even work online can help you make money and it will help you save more money. If you work online, you do not have to go anywhere. You can work as a freelancer. There are freelancing marketplace where you open an account and bid for job. This is how you meet clients and get the job.

You can make content on Hive blockchain to make money. If your content is about finance and cryptocurrency, you can publish that on LeoFinance, you can earn LEO tokens as well as HIVE token. This is a great opportunity for you.

Sell things that you do need any more

You buy something for a specific purpose. After a certain period of time, you might not need that anymore. You can sell that. After passing each semester, if you do not need some books, you can sell that. If you need that book later, don't sell that. It is just an option that you have.

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Maybe you have clothes or shoes that you do not wear. You can sell that as well. If you think carefully about what you have that you do not need or use anymore, you will find a lot of things. Now you know what you can do to get more extra money. And that will add up to your savings.

Pay attention to your income and expenses

If you do not know how much money you spend and do not keep track of that, no matter how much money you make, your financial condition will not change. When you spend more money than income, you have to borrow from others. You are not saving anything. You will be under pressure later to repay that.

To save money, you have to pay close attention to your income and expenses. Your expenses should be lower than your income, otherwise, you cannot save money and achieve your goals.

Do you have any suggestions to save money as a student? Please feel free to share that in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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I was a house tutor during my college life and that really helped in reducing the financial burden on my father. My father didn't need to send me money on a monthly basis unless there was a need for a big amount.

I have seen the misuse of "students discount" in the public buses in Dhaka City. Students from some renowned colleges used to misbehave with the bus staffs.

Another good option, specially in Bangladesh, is to join in student politics. Not just any part,it must be the student wings of the ruling party. It’s a very profitable way of making good cash.

Many students make money as a tutor. Some students do a part-time job. Now the opportunity of making money as a student increases. You can work online, that's a good option.

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I'm glad that you have continued this interesting series! Those are some nice tips, and I remember my student days... I have done all this from your list :)


Student life is one of the best times to make good habits. I really appreciate your feedback! I will continue making posts about finance and cryptocurrency.

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