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A token is more attractive when it has more use cases. People love to hold and use the tokens to do different things. Glad to see SPORTS token is added to INDEX.

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INDEX is the token that represents 13 Hive Engine tokens. When you buy an INDEX token, you are holding a portion of all tokens that INDEX represents.

When INDEX started, they added 10 Hive Engine tokens. Recently they have added SPORTS, STARBITS, and CTP. The interesting thing is, 80% of the earnings from INDEX tokens go back to the INDEX token holders. That means when you can earn different tokens that the INDEX token is backed by.

If we want to talk about sports and connect with like-minded people, you have to be on SportsTalkSocial. You can make any content related to sports and just use the #sportstalk tag to share that in the tribe. You can earn SPORTS tokens, then you can stake to earn more curation rewards by supporting others or you can sell on Hive Engine. Moreover, you can trade SPORTS tokens and earn from the spread on Hive Engine.

Now if you hold INDEX tokens, you will get some SPORTS tokens based on the percentage of total INDEX tokens you hold. If you are wondering who is behind this project, that's CTPTalk. You might have heard about what they are doing. You can read @jongolson's post to learn more about INDEX.

This is not financial advice. I highly recommend doing your own research before any investment. I will give some links below as references to look more into it. Here I'm sharing my opinions. Earning from INDEX tokens is not huge, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But I think it makes sense if you think long term.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and let me know what you think about this. Thank you so much for reading this post. I appreciate your support and feedback!

Take care. See you around!

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This is good for the sport token,but we still need to create more value and incentives for sport. It has great potential but to few cares about it now

I agree with you. Hope we will see new initiatives in SportsTalkSocial that help this tribe move forward.

Very cool to know that, SPORTS is a token that should be on this list of INDEX and for those who appreciate a good investment with passive income is a good option. I will read more about this project.

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Frankly speaking, when I see some projects add/integrate other tokens, I look for whether they add SPORTS or not. Thank you CTPTalk for taking this initiative and adding SPORTS token to INDEX.

Absolutely. This is a great push for SPORTS , my brother and I hold collectively 350 INDEX and plan on adding more .

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As far as I know, this is the first project that adds SPORTS tokens. Looking forward to seeing more project add/integrate SPORTS token.

You are right . Other tokens will eventually add SPORTS once we get the VOLUME as well as price UP .

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already have around 100 index i wan double them in 2021!

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I also bought some INDEX. It's an interesting project. Let's see what happens!

Thanks so much for highlighting this!

We've bene buying up SPORTS today and staking it...Hope to get those rewards out next week and then everyday going forward :)

Thank you so much @jongolson for taking this initiative and adding SPORTS tokens to INDEX. Really appreciate that!

I've been waiting to see more use cases of sports.
Seeing this news gladdens my heart.

The future of sports is brighter.

Me too. Sports have great potential, no doubt about it.
I think SportsTalkSocial's new initiative and update can change a lot of things. And we will see more people are active in this awesome tribe.