The Highest Tax You Have Ever Seen In dCity

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I wanted to make a different post. I saw something and just changed my mind. You know there is the tax in real life and the virtual city you build on dCity, you see tax there too. What is the highest tax rate have you ever seen?


Well, here on dCity, in spite of imposing 100% tax, you can still earn some SIM because of having some tax benefits like law firm cards. We have seen 100% tax rate before, so far I remember. But this time, it is not just 100%, it's actually 122%. It might change a little later when you see and check out your city.

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So you basically get no SIM income. There are some cards like casino, bank, and shopping mall. When you have these cards, there is a chance to get robbed and you will lose your SIM income. That can be scary!

To prevent your city from getting robbed, we have cards like police station, gym, cinema, court, police academy as well as technologies like police equipment, robocop etc. Those cards and technology reduce the chance of robbery. Now you do not have to worry about anything. Why? No SIM income, no robbery. lol...

It was expected that after releasing the 3rd edition, SIM price would increase. SIM price started rising a little bit and then it started falling again. Now you will not get any SIM income from your city. What will happen in the market? Will SIM price fall further, stay the same, or start rising? So many questions!

By the way, there are different crises and pandemics in the 3rd edition? Will those crises and pandemics be able to do any harm when there is no SIM income? Need to get those answers.

Players will find a way to play and survive, no matter what comes. Let's see what happens.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. See you around!

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To me this seems like someone wants to squeeze very hard to get the sellers to sell out and leave, I doubt very much it will work though because to the people still in the game will lose too much by selling right now, so it's more of a staring contest to see who blinks fisrt.

Surprisingly, SIM price increases a little bit. I just made a post about it. But will it last long? Let's see.

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Who knows what will happen lol, enjoy your Sunday.