Goals are ambitious- specially when it is to own 10K $leo

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I took part in the initiative organized by Leofinance earlier this year. We were supposed to write a post on our 2021 Financial Goals. I set five goals for this year in January. I received comments by fellow Hiveans on the goals that I set for myself. The goals were a bit ambitious for someone who is new in the cryptospace. I knew that but what's the importance of having goals that can be achieved easily. The goals should be crazy enough to push you beyond the set boundary. But, they should not be as crazy as I set for myself this year :P My fellow Hiveans were right in warning me.
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1 BTC to 0.2 BTC

The way BTC is ripping in 2021, it is quite ambitious for me to own a full coin. But,who knows when the bears would control the market and push it towards low 20K again. How I wish that happens. Even-though, it is almost impossible for me to have that dream figure of 1, I am planning to at-least have 0.2 BTC. The DCA approach has been serving me well and I already own 0.09. Marching towards that target of 0.2 BTC.

1 House

This is still achievable as the volatility in the house market is not as crazy as in the crypto market. But who is better to decide on this other than our in-house realty expert @scaredycatguide. Hope I can achieve this despite the blazing house prices in the suburbs.

10K Leo

Back in January, i was quite confident that I could achieve this goal by the end of 2021. I still think that I can pull this stunt. But, there is a possibility that $leo can moon to 5$ during this bull market. The price is pegged to ETH and the there is a likely scenario that ETH can go higher in searching that new ATH. So, realistically I would be happy if I can earn/buy my way to 5K Leo power. I am at 2.5k Leopower and if I managed to double the leo I have in the next eight months, I am there. Let's see.

5k Hive

This is the only goal that is looking quite easy to achieve at the moment. I am already at 1.6k HP. I was hoping to gain Hive from dCity but the recent situation in the cityscape is not ideal. I have no idea what happened with the tokenomics and the governance but it is sad to see the game I believed and invested in is not doing well. Irrespective of that I hope I will be able to achieve this target.

It has only been a month and a half of this new year but it feels like ages since we began this bull market (sort of). I am happy that all coins are pumping but that will make my life much tougher when it comes to my financial goals. I am not complaining.

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I too believe in setting goals and fighting to achieve them. Sometimes it means readjusting what we are aiming for or the timeframe we are using but still, having goals gets us to move forward. And that is a good thing.

I know that I may not be able to achieve all the goals that I set but it is a reminder that will help me move towards that point.

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Yeah I can’t figure out what the hell happened to dCity but the coins are all going to shit. Are people pulling out everything looking to sell hive in the market and buy back later? It’s hard to say. It sucks that the taxes are so insanely high because I can’t afford to buy cards like I wanted to. I am close to crossing 1k sim for daily income but that’s decimated by taxes right now which sucks.

The other goals are great though. Hopefully the bulls break out even stronger than they have now, shoot the price up some more then we see an epic crash. I would love to sell my current bitcoin and then buy back in so much stronger when it corrects down to 30k. I’m already up on my investment, though I foolishly sold and tried to wait a little while before buying back, thinking it would dip more. Then Tesla bought and it messed me up lol. Still in the green though!

I just helped get that hive power one step closer, with the prices what they are lately I’m able to give some really good votes lol. Sitting at .19¢ for a 100% vote which is nice, though I never vote that strong to conserve power and vote more. 1.6 is great man, you’ll be at 2k in no time and then maybe in September you can increase the goal to maybe 6.5k if you are close to 4 or at 4.

I have no idea what's happening at dCity.I managed to earn 2k SIM a day for almost a month. I did not cash out those SIM tokens and I regret that now.
Yes, you are right. I will review my HP goal in September and readjust it again. Oh, how I wish I had kept all the BTC i bought last summer. I am new and that's my lesson :)

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Yeah I mean I sent about 9 litecoin into hive here over time. I wish I had it still but that’s what happens. We make choices and it works out in the end. If things get wild around here when alt coins start pumping then I’ll be glad I have almost 12k HP instead of less than 1k lol. Could be a day where resource credits are going to be great to have!

The goals will sure make us work more and help us to improve our-self, and your goal of 1BTC is going to be very hard to achieve, I have made few goals for year 2021 also but the pump has dis balance my all the things that I have set up fore the year, I option let for me is to achieve as much I can from the posts and I will sure try to buy few from the market if it goes down that doesn't seems to be indeed.

1BTC is not easy for sure. Let's see what I am able to achieve.

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ya that is not but there are 10 more months left who knows it can go down as well 😀,
my 2021 goal for leo is 2k but I have only 72 in my wallet it looks like, I have to travel a long journey. I want to achieve it only by posting but I have to idea about that. I am kind of hope less on that indeed. 🤦‍♂️

Let me help you that with a tiny bit of $leo :P

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Thanks a lot sir for your help really appreciate that 🤝🙏⁦✌️⁩

Those are some lofty goals. Well, I wish you the best in your endeavor. My financial goal for the year are somewhat in that direction. I also want to have 5k HP this year (at 2.5k currently). Also I want to get to 1k LP. That would be a great position for me financially.

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Good luck with your goals. And, thanks for the good wishes coz I need a lot of those to achieve all :)

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