I love Metamask Mobile - This is how you may guide Metamask traffic to Leofinance

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I have been using Metamask for more than a year. It all started with my enthusiasm to earn Ethereum via blogging. I joined Cent, a blogging platform that pays you on ETH, and that required me to have an Ethereum wallet. I created a new ETH wallet and Metamask was the obvious choice as the Cent platform required you to have a Metamask plugin to access earned ETH.

The Metamask platform has changed a lot in a year. I am in love with its new mobile application. The team has developed this new app and scored a banger. I like every aspect of this new application. I can create and access multiple ETH wallets on the go on your mobile phones. I find it relatively easy to use the mobile platform compared to the web platform. The Mobile app feels and acts like an independent platform whereas a web app remains integrated with the browser that you are using.

The best use case of the mobile platform is its ability to act as a browser to browse web3 dapps. The homepage has been designed amazingly well and has categorized various websites based on their use cases. Users can browse Defi, exchanges, NFTs, crypto, dev tools, social sites and markets. It is extremely useful if you are in the crypto space and regularly browse these websites.

I have bookmarked Leofinance, Peaked and other websites that I regularly use. I must say the interface is very clean and pleasant. I used Brave before and have more or less stopped using Brave after I switched into Metamask Mobile platform.

### Attracting new users to Leofinance

Hope this is where the #Leofinance team and @khaleelkazi are reading this post. The team may negotiate and have conversation with the Metamask team to try to list Leofinance as one of the default social sites on Metamask Browser homepage. If that is achieved, the platform could reach to every Metamask Mobile users across the globe.The listing will help garner user attention and could drive that huge Metamask traffic to Leofinance.

The Metamask browser now has only four Social ETH dApps. It would be a huge bonus for Leofinance if they manage to convince Metamask.

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Wow this is an incredible feature on Metamask mobile. I actually have never seen this.

Thanks for pointing this out, I just filled out an application form to get LeoFinance.io listed on this Web3 dApp section. I'll keep you posted 🦁


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I actually used the iOS Metamask App to link my ETH account to Leofinance. I guess I should have mentioned that! It worked easily.

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Amazing. Thanks for listening. That's your strength :)

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I thought about the same thing recently when I installed MetaMask on my mobile phone. Good to see it manifesting!

New, baby lions are coming to town!

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Very useful post and this shows that great things can come from the community members as well. Anyone uses different apps, is involved in different projects and just thinking a little bit out of the box and how that could benefit LeoFinance (and in the end himself) is something that we all can do. And there are so many communities in the world build around specific projects, we can redirect part of them or just make them aware about LEO and the great ecosystem built around it.

So, let's all put the work and bring something useful to LEO Finance!

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Glad that it was picked up by the team. You are right. Platforms are supported by community members and hope this will help Leofinance and Hive to onboard new users.

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Guau I do not have metamask but I think is great something if Leo appears in the meta site.

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I know. With Khal already submitting application, hope we will have the site as one of the listed dApps.

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Nice! I've had metamask for mobile for a while now but I've never really actively used it (No ETH! 😅😢). Recently with LEO Finance integration with metamask, I tried it again and also noticed that Leo Finance isn't featured yet. It would really be awesome if it would be added soon. ☺️

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I really like their new platform. It is clean and you can access your ETH wallet anytime you like. Leofinance integration is icing on the cake :P

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Ref link for cent platform?

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Thanks for the information about the mobile Meta, if they add leofinance I will try it out. It's great how fast the team picked up on your post and jumped right on that!

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I know. Kudos to Khal and the team at Leofinance. They are nimble :P

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I have to admit that I didn't know that there is a Metamask mobile application... Reading your post and seeing the screenshots, it looks great! Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

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I am glad that it was quickly picked up and could help the platform. Always there to support the platform.

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Thanks a lot for the info, I did not know about the mobile app, I will definitely use that.

It is incredibly simple and easy to use.

Thanks for this information