Weak Hands - FOMO- More WLeo

Well, I must admit. I FOMO hard, and I have weak hands. I cannot hodl.
All these characters I have culminated to me buying wrapped leo on Uniswap to better prepare for the anticipated airdrop(s) happening on Leofinance in the coming weeks.

Screen Shot 20210301 at 9.39.53 PM.png

I have been with the platform for almost a year now. I have seen the price action since the coin was traded at 3 cents. Never bought in at that point as I was new to the space and did not have enough courage to bring in fiat money. Eventually, through the months I grew in confidence and understood how big the opportunity is. I am fully on-boarded with the idea of crypto future.

Like many others on Leofinance platform, I am hopeful and confident that Hive blockchain and dapps built on this network will do amazingly good in the years to come. I have my financial goals to have 10K leo and 5K hive by the end of this year. To achieve that target, I either have to blog really well or buy my leo tokens. I have not been a regular in the platform. I like to think that I interact regularly but the Engagement league posts proved that I am not even on top 100. Hence, I decided to buy my way in to keep that target afloat.

This is also right time as Khal has been mentioning that users will be rewarded with new tokens if you stake more leo. So, my FOMO-ing in happened at the right time. I know the price is not cheap but who knows what will happen after all these new products are live. Hope, there are more investors rushing in to the platform. I regret that I did not invest before. And, I don't want to regret again when the price is at 2 $.
Let's see how this will play out.

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