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RE: LeoFinance 2020 Roadmap

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Excellent and encouraging update @steem.leo!

”A few weeks ago, we sent out an airdrop to LEO stakeholders in the form of SPI tokens to celebrate the 1st birthday of the LeoFinance project.”

I really like to see these collaborative efforts between communities unfolding.

”The interface will be far superior to the current one …”
”In the version 1 release, I believe that this will be one of the best Hive interfaces out there.”
”With the brand new, we'll deliver an experience that people actually desire …”

What's not to like about all that you have presented re: the new UI? Nice to know the release of it is only days away! 👍

”Top secret. We'll probably just throw this one out into the world one day before the end of this year and surprise the hell out of everyone. Should be fun and incredibly useful for anyone using Hive regularly 😎”

Hmmm. A surprise. It will be fun to watch and see what this represents!

This post has helped me considerably in providing more insight into what the LeoFinance community is doing in adding value. And, as a result, making some decisions ...

Thank you for the investment of your time and effort in putting it together! 🦁

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