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RE: How to Stake RUNE in Runevault and Earn Weekly Dividends

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This morning reading your post @khaleelkazi, this stood out to me ...

"Thorchain is creating cross-chain liquidity pools that allow you to pool native assets across a multitude of chains."

[emphasis added mine]

... in light of what we have all just experienced yesterday, with WLEO ... My thoughts turned to the irony, given the implications, as well as what I wrote in my own post on a similar effort currently underway, but based on the LOKI token. In it, I described in some detail my concerns about wrapped tokens, from a conceptual point of view, based on my profession ...

Nonetheless, I went ahead and participated in the LP overriding my concerns with the greater desire to do my small part to make the project a success. I understood the broader business and strategic value of what it represented. And ... Here we are ...

Going forward, it will be very important to me how this is addressed, having just sustained (far and away, not even close ...) the greatest loss of my 3 years of investing in this new asset class. Specifically, how openly it is acknowledged exactly what happened, the reasons for it, and the steps which will be taken, as a result, to do all possible to prevent its reoccurence.

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