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RE: UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

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Great update @leofinance. Pleased to hear about the paring down of so many options to focus on "what you do best" ... Particularly pleased to hear layered farming will be scrapped, at least for now. Making no claim to being any sort of expert, I have looked in Goose Finance and that aspect of it and was definitely not impressed ...

Can't wait to see what the new LeoBridge can do. I am a little bit concerned about the LEO in the center of it, as I have seen a number of references to failed swaps, etc. Again, no expert, but wondering about how much of a "load" this bridge has been engineered to handle. I will hope, until proven otherwise, that you are way out in front of these concerns and that they are being addressed.

And a Cub "Kingdom" linked to BTC!! Wow, tying Cub to the "virtual gold" of this new digital asset class. Can't wait to see that in action either!

Onward and upward! 🦁🚀

P.S. "Leaving" immediately after writing this comment to execute my latest harvest of CUB and "compound" by reinvesting it into the CUB den ... 👍

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Cub Finance is coming up with so many exciting new features and tools coming up. I am also very excited about the CUB Kingdoms @roleerob, since they are based on Yearn's or AutoFarm's auto-compounding vault contract. The first Kingdom will be of CUB-BTCB pool. After your initial investment, half of the CUBs generated from this pool will be swapped with BTCB. CUB-BTCB LP Tokens will be created and reinvested back into the pool AUTOMATICALLY. Just sit back, relax and see your pot growing on its own. You can read more about it & the roadmap of CUB Finance for the next quarter in my recent post.

$CUB to the moon. 🚀

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Yes, agreed @finguru.

"$CUB to the moon." 🚀

Took off like a rocket just this morning!! 👍

We just need to be patient and let time work for us. Short-term trading and focus is not where one should concentrate their efforts, but instead on the long-term. Given the past performance of Khal and his great team, I cannot imagine Cub Finance going anywhere but steadily up!

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Absolutely. Like early investors of BTC sat on their investment for a long time and saw it growing like crazy. Patience is definitely the key. I am going to heavily invest my time & money on this wonderful platform.

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