The richest man in Asia conspires with a tech futures after attracting Google

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Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has set a long-term vision for his digital endeavor while investing more than $ 20 billion in Google and Facebook while trying to build a private technology titan.

Jeo Platform Ltd., Asia’s richest man spoke about technology at its annual meeting of its conglomerate Reliance Industries Limited. He has unveiled a number of services since the beginning of next year, including a fifth-generation P wireless network and a mega video streaming platform that will bring Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime and other TV channels under one umbrella.

I believe it is time for the world class digital products and services company to leave India, and Ticon has told 300,000 plus people who have logged in virtual conferences from 41 countries that they will be given the best status in the world.

Those plans will keep Geo in direct competition with local e-commerce giant া giant giant and Walmart Inco's local operations.

Each new hyper growth engine has the opportunity to accommodate high-end customers with the engine scale and the current price will be multiple, which will help in the traditional family and gas business at less than 20%.

Ambani's speech ended with family business, assuring that he was selling shares to Saudi Arabia in the field of copper and gas.

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