Is It Right To Compare Bitcoin (BTC) With Gold?

Many people often compare Bitcoin (BTC) to gold and say that Bitcoin is digital gold. Is it really correct to make this comparison? When we look at today's conditions, it may seem right to compare, but for the future, this comparison may be wrong.


Gold has been seen as the most popular investment for investors and countries from past to present. And it still remains popular. On the other hand, Bitcoin is seen as the best investment for the present and the future. In today's conditions, they stand out as the most popular assets followed and invested by many people in Bitcoin and Gold. The two most popular assets are evaluated and compared according to today's conditions.

It may be correct to make comparisons according to today's conditions, but this may not be true in the future. Gold is the most popular investment option that has proven itself and this will be the case in the future. But although gold mining production is difficult, there is no limit to its mining production. But production is easier than in the past, maybe it will be easier in the future. Also, there is no limit to its production.

Bitcoin was easier to produce in the past. Mining production has become difficult in today's conditions, but it will be more difficult in the future. There is also a limit to its production. A maximum of 21 million BTC can be produced. Only 2.25 million BTC left to reach 21 million. In this case, it shows that Bitcoin will be more valuable in the future. In addition, digitalization is increasing rapidly day by day. The most popular currencies in the digital world will be cryptocurrencies.

In short, according to today's conditions, this comparison may seem normal. But in the future this comparison will be wrong. Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies will be more valuable in the future. And I can say that Bitcoin is more promising for the future. Of course, Gold will always be valuable and will be preferred by many. I also invest in gold, but I invest more in cryptocurrencies. I can say that in the future Bitcoin will be more valuable.

It's no miracle that 10 years later, Bitcoin reaches $1 million. The miracle is Bitcoin itself.

Thank you for reading. These are my thoughts. What do you think?

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